What’s Going On?

Still no manager. Not sure why the owners let Donnie go when obviously they have no clue what they were going to do about the next manager.  What are they looking for….a puppet? I don’t think they know.

Now that Kendrick has opted out, second base is very vacant. Trading Dee for what…? All the accolades and awards are piling up for Dee who is certain to get better and better. So what are the owners saying….nothing. Dee would have added much needed speed and a Golden Glove at second for many years.  Kendrick was a one year deal.  Justin Turner’s surgery involved more than just a cleanup so who knows how he will be at third.  He walks like a catcher for Pete’s sake!!!  We all know he’s got bad knees. And we gave up much loved Juan Uribe for what? He rubbed the owners’ faces in it when he played against the Dodgers after his trade. And we got who? Gone in the wind.

Brett Anderson did the smart thing accepting the qualifying offer.  His fallout during the playoffs will follow him wherever he goes. He did stay healthy longer than expected and he was respectable as a third starter.

The owners need to get busy figuring out a contract for Greinke or Dodger fans will be angry. Their bargain basement acquisition of Matt Latos was obviously the mistake of the year. Add Johnson to that flub up and they obviously should be embarrassed.  With Ryu still questionable and McCarthy probably out most of the season,  they need to give Zack what he wants.

It’s very quiet around Dodger Stadium as far as trades, acquisitions, etc. It’s pretty bad when the big news is Anderson. Hopefully the owners don’t wait until everyone good is signed as they seem to do.  Too bad Donnie got the blame for everything when it WASN’T HIS FAULT! Put the blame where it belongs. 

There really is no news.  Procrastination is no good in the offseason.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone is doing well. I MISS BASEBALL!

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