They’re Gone

First it was Mattingly. Slowly the Dodgers are losing their staff. Actually it started with Stan Conte the head athletic trainer who resigned as soon as the season was over. Yesterday Nancy Flynn the assistant athletic trainer resigned and Davy Lopes went to the Nationals where he will be with Dusty Baker. 

The Dodger owners seem to like to keep Dodger faithful in limbo. While other teams are active in signings, we are still waiting as our former team is disintegrating. 

Tomorrow we’ll see what happens to Zack Greinke.

  I will be so angry if the Dodger owners aren’t smart enough to give him a huge contract.
  It’s pretty sad when the only big news is that Jacob DeGrom is not cutting his hair. Uh ok.
  Justin Ruggiano was out righted to Oklahoma City to make room on the 40 man roster.
Kike is reocovering from surgery. What? He was playing injured? We knew about the hamstring issue but he had shoulder surgery?

  As expected, Justin Turner also had knee surgery. I knew he was nursing bad knees.
  Yaz also had shoulder surgery.
It looks like we had a team of the walking wounded.

So here we are, the Dodger faithful, waiting to see what our western division champions will look like when the dust settles.

My good friend Crystal is on her way back from Bahrain after being deployed for almost a year. Thank God that she is returning safely.

I miss Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers, and my Dodger friends. I anxiously wait for any tidbit of news. I hope everyone is surviving the offseason. I’m slowly getting through my Dodger withdrawal but my life is a bleak nothing without baseball. 

Thanks for stopping by. Please keep in touch.


One comment

  1. Doug

    Hi Cat,

    Hang in there! We are look forward to spring training… t will be here before you know it. In the mean time, please keep us updated.


    Doug, Yoshiko & Dylan

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