As the World Series progresses, I can  say that the Dodgers only have a chance to win next season if the owners step up and make sure Zack returns and also get another starting pitcher.  The Mets are fighting back with their excellent pitching. So much for cybermetrics or whatever. With Mattingly gone time will tell how the clubhouse will be. The key besides having good pitching and good hitters, is harmony. 

With the status of the coaches up in the air, there is much uncertainty. The owners got smart negotiating with Rick Honeycutt. Consider that Clayton has only known him as a coach. And Zack was even better as a Dodger. I’m sure the owners are looking at Davy Lopes age but he should come back. I always thought that they hired Ron Roenicke as third base coach in the final weeks of the season to have him in the fold when consideration for new manager came up. The sooner the owners decide the fate of the coaches and pick a new manager, the better. Gabe Kapler is one of the front runners.  My son and I will always remember the day he robbed Russell Martin of a homerun when he caught the ball and fell into our laps, making the catch the ESPN play of the year. I’m on the right and my son is directly behind him trying to catch the ball.

Everyone asks me how I feel about Mattingly leaving the Dodgers even weeks after the final game of the season. I am sad. I didn’t feel this way when the other managers left. I knew Donnie better than the other ones but I can say that he is a good person. He is someone who has no enemies and never will. The only unkind words  I heard about him were said by “Dodger fans” who always blamed him for everything. I never heard an unkind word about him by the media. The team loved and respected him. So “Dodger fans” who forever disrespected him during the season, you got what you wanted.  

The Dodgers won the western division four years in a row. They were number one most of the season. They led the league in homeruns. They probably had the number one rookie Corey Seager and the Cy Young pitcher Greinke. But Donnie will forever be the scapegoat. Even Zack conceded that it was mistakes made by the players that lost the last game and we all know that Zack only speaks the truth. If Ethier hadn’t caught that foul ball, if Zack hadn’t allowed the homeruns, if that bungled play hadn’t happened on third base…but it all fell on Donnie. 

Mattingly being Mattingly was gracious enough to decide to leave. The Marlins are lucky. Dee will be happy to see him since Donnie helped make Dee the star he is. 

Everyone also asks me what I am doing everyday since baseball season is over for me. I still work full time as an ER nurse. I keep up on baseball news. I knit. I read. I yearn for Spring Training. I miss my guys like I would miss family. My life consists of baseball season and off season.

Thanks for stopping by. I miss you!! Baseball hurry back!

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