Getting Back To Life

  The news of the day is that Zack Greinke will most likely opt out of his contract with the Dodgers. It does make sense since another multi year contract would be better for his future.  The Dodger owners have the money but it seems that they sometimes take a cheaper route although their $300 million salary makes it less obvious. Unfortunately they are paying several who are no longer with the team which makes the total salary inflated.

Considering they decided to sign Matt Latos instead of Hamels or Price indicates they wanted to hold onto their prospects. That more or less indicated to me that they really weren’t counting on winning the World Series this year. Having only Kershaw and Greinke in Postseason seemed the true indicator.  Winning the west was difficult enough so I really didn’t think they would go very far. The game that Anderson tag teamed with Wood was a horrendous loss.

Next season the Dodgers will have Ryu and McCarthy. Kershaw, Ryu and McCarthy may not be enough to do it next year. The whipping boy seems to be Mattingly.  He had what he had to work with. As most of the team has said, he wasn’t out there playing. Everyone respects Kershaw’s opinion and he wants Donnie back. No one listens to me but I want Donnie back too but with better pitching and bullpen and a homerun hitter like Murphy.

I’m having problems adjusting to life without baseball. Maybe I dedicated too much time to baseball during the season because now I have a huge empty feeling. I put all my Dodger wear away. I’m settling into the void I call off season. I can’t bear to hear my friends offering condolences that the Dodgers didn’t go all the way.  I did all my crying at home although we all know there is no crying in baseball. I am proud of the Dodgers accomplishments during the season but I know they were unhappy the way the season ended.  Some of the guys voiced their thoughts.  They all appreciate their fans. We are the best fans in baseball. We have passion. I miss seeing my Dodgers, I miss my Dodger friends, I miss going to the stadium. It will be a long offseason!!

Darwin Barney was DFA’d by the Blue Jays. I miss him. Hopefully a team will pick him up.

Chase Utley’s appeal hearing was postponed until next season. Really who cares anymore?

It seems likely it will be the Royals and the Mets in the World Series. I still hang onto hopes that the Cubs will play and eventually win.  You never know.

Thanks for stopping by. I miss everyone and I miss baseball.

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