With Heavy Heart

 The Dodgers postseason ended last night with a loss in the fifth game of the NLDS to the New York Mets.  This morning there was a lot of finger pointing and angst.

There was a glimmer of hope in the first inning when the Dodger offense seemed to have a spark. But in the preceding innings there were 11 runners left in scoring position.  There was an error at a crucial time by Kike when he slipped and fell as he picked up the ball.  Andre caught a sacrifice foul ball which resulted in a run for the Mets.  All these factors ended up in a win for the Mets.  It made it worse that the Dodgers lost by one run.
 Thursday was a beautiful day.  The sun wasn’t too hot.  There was a slight breeze.  The Dodgers and Mets were on the field.

 I stayed by the dugout hoping to see some of my favorite Dodgers.

  There was a lot of media in the dugout, more than players.
  Donnie stopped to shake my hand and sign autographs for fans.
  AJ stopped to say hi.  I’m not sure why Yaz started when we all know his left shoulder has huge problems. Yaz is scheduled to have an MRI to see if surgery is necessary.
  Yasiel, one of my favorites, stopped and gave my hand a squeeze.
  And gorgeous wonderful Andre stopped.  Our last encounter was captured on the Dodgers Instagram.
  He was giving me a fist bump.  I can’t tell you how much I love Andre.
 Of course I had to go up to the Club to eat.  The food was fantastic as usual.  I saw a few of my favorite friends, little did I know it would be for the last time this season.

I was so happy to see my favorite friends with their Dad.  They are my good luck charms.  Thank you for the best season ever.

  One of my best friends Norma arrived early.  Here she is with her beautiful niece Brandi.

  One of my best friends Barbara Razo from my past surprised  me.  She just retired from nursing.  Congrats.
  One of my friends Danny gave me a ball that Joc and Corey were playing catch with.  Thank you Danny!! It is something I will always treasure.
  Alanna getting ready for a telecast for SportsNet.
   The Dodger grounds crew were getting the field ready
 Yasmani made his way down the field and drank his pink drink for the last time this season.

 and did his workout

 I could see Jacob deGrom working out in the background.  What an amazing young pitcher he is.

  And then my favorite Zack Greinke came out of the bullpen amidst cheers.  I have a huge lump in my throat as I post these pictures hoping these aren’t my last of him as a Dodger.  He has become one of my very favorite Dodgers this season.
  Aha, he’s spotted me and he’s smiling.  
   No matter what, I will always think of him as one of the best Dodger pitchers ever.
 Joc came out.  I was surprised that he was starting.  

 I didn’t know these would be my last pictures of these guys until next season.

 Yaz and Rick Honeycutt without Zack hurried to the dugout but only made it halfway before they started the National Anthem.

 Alex and Hyun Jin seems to have spotted me.

  And then it was time for baseball
   Orel Hersheiser threw out the first pitch. 
 The umpires were again trying to figure out how they would call the strike zones.  There must have been a different umpire at homeplate because deGrom didn’t get so many srikeouts.  I always think that the strike zone is totally subjective.

  The huge crowd waving their white towels were waiting for a good game. 
   Zack threw out the first pitch, maybe his last first pitch for the Dodgers.
  Emiy our batgirl was in good spirits.  I was not happy about the batgirls but I really like Emily.
   So the Dodgers were able to get on base.
   There were two runs in the first inning.
  Andre made a catch that later everyone said he shouldn’t have because it scored a run for the Mets.
What?  I wasn’t supposed to catch that ball???

 Kike didn’t have his best game.  He was 0 for 3.

Zack gave up a homerun in the 6th inning which was the winning run of the game.

There was much criticism after the game.  With a $400 million salary, why play 3 rookies?  Why have Yaz play when he is hurt?  Why not play Rollins and Utley who have postseason experience.  Why why why?  But the season is over.  Many say that Donnie won’t be back.  I myself don’t blame Donnie.  I blame the owners who did not acquire another starting pitcher.   Matt Latos was terrible.  I blame them for sending Mike Bolsinger down to minors when he was doing so well.  They should have gone out to get a big homerun hitter.  I will blame them if they do not get Zack back.  Give him whatever he wants. And please keep Andre.

I’m not really horribly sad.  It was my best season ever.  I will always remember 2015 as the year I met people who will always be important in my life:  Jessica (you gave me so much confidence) , Yoshiko (it seems like I’ve always known you)   Coco and her family (you give me inspiration) Mike Bolsinger (you made me feel special.  You are still my favorite.  I will always treasure the jacket you gave me)  and many others who came into my life through the Dodgers.  I had a fun time with my forever friends: Norma, Cece, Ryan, Robert, Veronica, Doc,  Donna, Mika, Lisa, my ushers, my chefs (Armando and Bud), security, my wonderful friends at the concession stands, batboys Francisco and Javier ( who was an absolute friend) .    Thank you to my Starbucks where I write my blog, for putting up with me all season.  Thank you Gian!!! Most of all I thank my Dodgers:  Clayton (you made my day when you called me by my name) Andre (I can’t  tell you how much your friendship has meant to me) Zack (who has a place in my heart) Yasiel (who is not the person you read about in the media) Joc (who has a heart of gold) Corey (who is the best rookie ever) Yaz (who breaks hearts daily) and Donnie (who always gets all the blame).  I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my blog.  I write from my heart because baseball really is my life.  I am so lucky because I have been allowed to be on the inside looking out.  My wish is to share my experiences to those who are not able to come to the games or want to experience the Dodgers in a different way.  I plan on wriiting during the off season just to keep in touch.  Feel free to send me messages through my blog.  I will be happy to answer.

My final words:  please be proud of what the Dodgers have accomplished this year.    They didn’t make it to the World Series but only two teams do.  Be happy that you are a Dodger fan because we are the best fans in all of baseball, as Vinnie says.

Thanks for stopping by.  I love you all. 

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