The Unbelievable Has Happened

  I have to admit that during the second NLDS game last week at Dodger Stadium, I was down. I truly believed that the Dodgers had played their last game for the season.  Everyone who saw me kept asking me what was wrong. I had to admit I didn’t think we would win. 
When I sat down to watch the rest of the game, I glanced up to see that Utley play which I refuse to talk about anymore. I won’t say anything because it takes away from the the excitement of the playoffs, to focus on the negative. But that’s what the media does to fire people up. I won’t jump on that bandwagon. 

From that play on, the whole mentality of the team seemed to change. To my surprise, the Dodgers won that game.

So on to New York with hatred and death threats, again taking away from the rest of the team. The talk of the week was that Utley slide. And the Dodgers became public enemy number one which is so unfair.

Everyone has asked me what I thought. I’ll state what I said after it happened.  I have seen many slides done by various players in my years of watching baseball and I can truly say I didn’t think any different about that slide than any other I’ve seen.  The difference is that someone was hurt which was regrettable. I am more upset when injuries are done purposefully, for example when Hanley Ramirez was hit in the ribs by a pitch which took him out of the playoffs. I was more upset when Zack Greinke was roughed up enough that his collarbone was fractured. Those were purposeful acts. When I say that I was at the game and I didn’t think twice about it, people started to tear me up. They said that was my opinion being a Dodger fan. Once again….being a Dodger fan is a negative??   Slides have been a part of baseball since it first started. It is wrong to change rules during postseason. So now we will have reviews about whether slides are good or bad? Anyway, that’s all I will ever say about that.

The flavor of the day is the play made during the Blue Jays-Rangers game. There won’t be that much controversy because the Blue Jays won the game. Rest assured if they hadn’t, tempers would be flaring.

  I just got my new shirt in the mail just in time for the game tomorrow. Hopefully we clinch the division  at Dodger Stadium.  There is nothing more fun than celebrating.
Prayers for Vin Scully who had unknown medical procedure done and won’t be back until next season. Also prayers to the Mets fan who was brutally beaten at Dodger Stadium last week by a mother and son. Hopefully the world will not judge us Dodger fans by these two as they have with the other incident. 

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!!

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