Clinching Home Field Advantage

  Who would be better to do some necessary clinching but our top candidate for Cy Young, Zack Greinke?  The game Saturday was on the line for home field advantage which was a must do since the Dodgers seem to play better in front of their own fans but what team doesn’t?
  The day was clear and not too hot. The game start time was an hour earlier so I worried about the weather.  There wasn’t a cloud  in the sky.  It was absolutely beautiful.
   The guys were out there practicing.
  There seemed to be someone out there with a mini me
  Corey looked a bit rakish.  He must have learned how to put his hat on from Joc
  Everyone seemed to be in a good mood.  They had already clinched the Western Division
  The  only reminder was on the big screen.  Still no banners.
  Donnie was still being critcized for I don’t know what.  People will find something.
 Good time to eat.  Ahhh my favorite macaroni salad

  The talapia and squash medley were tantalizing
 Can you guess who this is?  Andre Ethier’s son.  So cute.

  It was Hispanic Heritage Night so there was fun music and a festive air,  of course.
   Yasmani made his way down the field
  and downed his pink drink, the drink of champions
 He ran up and down the field

 Then he put on his gear and practiced

   Then Zack appeared out of the bullpen and stretched
 I think Zack kind of got in the way of Yasmani during his quiet time

   But this is Zack Greinke so whatever
   Zack is on his own mission
   Justin Ruggiano came out to stretch next.  
   Surprise!!! Yasiel after being on DL for a long time.
 And Jimmy


   The rumor had been that Yasiel may not be ready until well into the playoffs
 He fit right back in as though he had never been gone

   Justin and Howie rounded out the group.  It was an interesting lineup which also included Kike.
 The National Anthem.  They all look different when they take their hats off
  A  Puerto Rican boxer threw out the first pitch to commemorate Hispanic Heritage night
 Then Zack and Yaz walked down the field to the dugout

   Yasiel signed autographs as he always does,  before running back out to the field.  Everyone loves Puig.  
 The Dodgers took the field

 And Zack threw the first pitch.  He threw 8 innings, clinching home field advantage in the upcoming NLDS vs the Mets, the series starting in LA on Friday.  This was his 19th win and he has the best ERA in the NL.  He allowed only one run, 4 hits, struck out 8.  The controversy is that Jake Arrieta should be the Cy Young winner because of his outstanding pitching after the All Star Break.  Zack has been consistently outstanding ALL SEASON!

 Justin Turner hit a solo homerun in the first inning when we barely got our nachos and drinks.   Right away we had a good feeling about the game. 1-0.

  Adrian hit a double play ground ball adding an RBI in the 4th inning. 2-0.
In the 5th inning Padres catcher Austin Hedges hit a solo homerun making the score 2-1.

  In the 8th inning, Zack threw his 200th strikeout of the season, striking out pinch hitter Derek Norris.  This is the 5th time in his career that he has reached 200 strikeouts in a season.
 Kenley came in to close out the game.  We were happy that the Dodgers could finally relax since everything was already clinched.  

Sunday’s game would be a relaxed game with Clayton Kershaw taking the mound, hoping to get 300 strikeouts.  He would face the Padres bullpen with Frank Garces starting with no record and 5.00 ERA.  Sounds tough.  Clayton would be limited to 60 pitches.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry for the late post for Saturday’s game.  Sunday’s game was an hour early so it totally threw me off.  Next post for Sunday to follow.  GO DODGERS!!!

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