West Division Champs

  It seems like there is no difference after the Dodgers won the NL West Division.  There was nothing in the stadium to indicate there was anything new  except that the alternating signs flashed that they had indeed come through on the road.  I seem to remember that the last time there were a few banners.
  The guys looked as animated as usual during batting practice.  Uh oh, spotted already.
  Kike seems to know I’m taking pictures.
  And Mike was looking in my direction.  I guess I’m not really hiding behind a tree or anything like that.
 Zack looked toward me

  and ran away.  Oh well.  I did have enough nerve to give Javier the batboy, the  blanket I had knitted for little Bode Greinke, Zack’s baby.  Javier promised to give it to Zack.
 Mike seemed to be smiling in my direction a lot .  Or is that my imagination?  Everyone has noticed he’s been a little distant since being brought back up from minors.

  The guys are the same.  No one looks that excited.

   Clayton the perfectionist was working on fielding.
  Brett Anderson stopped and signed autographs.  That was different.

   SportsNet interviewed Clayton.  Orel and Nomar had a good  laugh over something, maybe the fact that Matt  Latos is the Angels new closer.
  The big news of the day was that our organist Nancy Bea was retiring after this season.  What will next season be like without our Vin Scully and now our Nancy?

   I went up to the club to commiserate and was pleased to find some fantastic food.  The pulled pork sliders were divine.  I had to go back for a second helping of the Tandoori chicken.  The salads included my favorite macaroni salad.  Food is always a comfort to me.
  I had ordered an Iphone 6s+ in the mail and expected to get it at the end of October and unexpectedly received it two days ago.  I thought I had plenty of time to cancel in case I changed my mind.  I only had considered purchasing the new Iphone because it supposedly takes great selfies (and we all know how bad I am at those) and outstanding pictures.  I am still practicing.    Actually I wanted the phone because it’s pink, truth be told.
  Ron Cey said hi on the way back into the dugout
  And gorgeous Andre spoke to us a few minutes while he signed autographs.
  Clayton also stopped to say hi to me.  Someone noticed that he actually said my name.  I hadn’t noticed.  It made my day.
  AJ made his way down to the bullpen with all his stuff.  He has been phenomenal both defensively and offensively.  Maybe it was a good idea to have him play less during the season so he would still be fresh for the end of the season and playoffs.  Catcher must be one of the most injury producing positions in baseball.
  Alex was already by the bullpen.  He also seems to be staring at me.
   He warmed up and then went into the bullpen to fine tune his pitches.
Jimmy and Howie

 The guys came out to warm up.

  Zach Lee was presented an award.
 Do you see a similarity?  Haha sorry Kike.

 National anthem.  Someone is always spotting me.  Never fails.  I think it’s usually Justin Ruggiano.

  Carl gave me a smile before he signed autographs.  I absolutely love Carl.
   Howie.  I can’t imagine that he would be smiling at me.  He’s the main reason I quit getting autographs this season.
 Corey seems to be the starting shorstop now.  Jimmy seems to understand.

  AJ and Alex Wood.  Alex has had his best games at Dodger Stadium, not so good on the road.  He is 2.41 at home and 6.14 on the road.  He believes in Home Sweet Home.  He may be a possible 3rd starter depending on whether the Dodgers get home field advantage.  The Mets were rained out so have to play a double header Saturday, weather permitting. They actually predict rain in sunny Southern California on Sunday so we’ll see how accurate the forecast is.
   First pitch.  Alex had a great game, only allowing 2 runs with 5 hits over 7 innings, the runs occurring right before he was taken out of the game.  He had a shut out over 6 innings.
  In the 3rd inning Adrian singled, scoring Carl. 1-0.  Always a good sign when the Dodgers score first.
  Howie scored on a throwing error. 2-0 also in the 3rd inning.  Adrian went to 3rd.
  Andre grounded out but scored Adrian. 3-0.  The game was becoming interesting.
  Meanwhile I was enjoying my nachos which the runner had brought me.
 Corey singled scoring Justin.

  I held my breath as Justin got up from this mess at home plate.  Poor Justin has bad knees and sore arm already. 
  I hope the trainers can keep him healthy through the postseason.
 AJ singled scoring Corey. 5-0.  Yes, we are still in the 3rd inning.

  In the 5th inning, Justin singled with Corey scoring 6-1.
The Padres bats were quiet until the 7th inning when Amarista singled Gyorko in and then Decker sacrificed scoring Upton making the final score  6-2.

  I decided it was a good time to go up to the club to get my ice cream and cookies.
   Pedro Baez closed out the game.  Six Dodgers had hits, five drove in at least one run, Turner had 2 RBI’s.  I imagine he was a mass of sore muscles and joints after the game.  Corey and AJ had back to back RBI singles.  This starting lineup seems to be the right mix.
   And the Dodgers won their 90th game of the season.  Their record is 90-70.
Zack Greinke is on the mound today for the Dodgers with a record of 18-3, ERA still 1.68.  He has had his best season ever.  He faces Robbie Erlin with a 1-1 record and a 6.30 ERA.  Do not get too confident Dodgers.  We need home field advantage!

Everyone seems to be more relaxed since the Dodgers clinched. The Giants are on a weird path.  They miss playoffs every other year. Every other year they win the World Series.  How strange is that?  2010, 2012 and 2014 they won the series. 

It is now down to the last 2 games of the season.  I really am getting sad.  What will I do without baseball? It has been the best season ever for me.  My experience has been beyond my wildest expectations mostly because of my wonderful Dodger rep, Tess Gilmore.  I will forever be grateful to her. I also thank all the Dodger staff who are the best in baseball.

I am looking forward to sharing my postseason experiences with you.  Please keep stopping by. I’ll try not to disappoint you.

Go DODGERS!!!! Go Zack! Postseason here we come!!

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