Winning the West

  Thank you Jon SooHoo for the above picture.  This is the way it’s been pretty much all season with the Dodgers on top.  Tuesday they finally clinched the Western Division beating the Giants with a score of 8-0.  Can I say that I felt more relief than anything else?
Everyday has been a nail biter.  Everyone kept telling me that the Dodgers would win the Western Division.  It was just a matter of when.  That wasn’t reassuring.  When Zack couldn’t get it done, I started to feel a little uneasy.  I never lost faith in my guys but I started to get nervous.

When they finally won on Tuesday with Clayton Kershaw pitching, I was over the top exhilarated.  It was what we all had been waiting for.  I had had those fears that they would clinch during the last few games at Dodger Stadium.  It’s nice for them to clinch at home but not wait until almost the end.

  Again, thank you to my friend Jon SooHoo for the amazing pictures of the celebration.  I wish I could have been there but I had to work.  This is probably my favorite picture.  Clayton Kershaw was getting doused by everyone during the postgame celebration.  He had the best game of his career excluding his no hitter last year.  This was the must-win game prior to postseason.  Hopefully this is a preview of how he will do later on when it really counts.
This is the first step.  Unfortunately the Dodgers lost the 3rd game of the series with Mike Bolsinger pitching. It gave poor Mike yet another loss. Granted most of the key players were allowed to sit but it came down to the silent bats again.  The Dodgers have to keep playing like it means something to the end of the season.  They still are playing for home field advantage.  It could make a difference whether the Dodgers go on.  They have to play every game like it matters.

Interesting news in the interim was that the Angels picked up Matt Latos.  Are they kidding?  They certainly don’t keep up on the news. The Angels fans I know are in disbelief.  I guess it’s ok as long as he doesn’t pitch.

Another fantastic bit of news was that Zack Greinke was the recipient of the Roy Campanella Award, given to the Dodger who best exemplifies the spirit and leadership of the late Hall of Fame Brooklyn Dodger catcher.  This award was voted on by the Dodgers themselves which must be like Miss America candidates voting on Miss Congeniality, the most liked candidate…well maybe not.  I believe that Zack should win the Cy Young this year.  I pray and hope that he remains a Dodger next year and doesn’t opt out of his contract.  Is it too much to ask to keep the 2 top pitchers in baseball?

The good news….the guys did not jump in the bay when they beat the Giants on Tuesday.  As far as I know they behaved themselves during the celebration.  The way they played on Wednesday, they probably celebrated too much.

The Dodgers are trailing the Mets one game.  The Dodgers need every advantage over them since it’s difficult to beat them even at home.  I imagine most of the guys are sore and nursing injured body parts.  i know Justin Turner has horrible knees, Adrian has a bad back,  Howie and Kike have hamstring issues, Yasmani has left shoulder problems.  Yasiel most probably won’t be playing until the playoffs if at all.  

I’m wondering who Donnie will pick for the final 25 man playoff team.  The only sure bets, IMO:  Clayton, Zack, Anderson, Wood, Andre, Adrian, Turner, Van Slyke, Rollins, Kendrick, Howell, Jansen, AJ, Yasmani, Seager, Kike, Crawford, Joc, Utley, Hatcher, possibly Ruggiano.   The other bullpen additions are possibly depending on the last few games.  I would guess Baez,Yimi and Nicasio.  The way the playoff games are,  only 4 starting pitchers are probably necessary.

I’m sad that the regular season is ending.  There are only 3 games left when they return for their final homestand of the season.  Sunday is fan appreciation day.  I’ll miss the Dodgers, my Dodger friends, and the amazing Dodger staff when the postseason is over.  Hopefully it doesn’t end when the Dodgers are not home as in the past….it was just over.  

I’ll continue to write during the playoff games.  Hopefully the Dodgers go on to the World Series.  If not, I am proud of the hard work and dedication of all of them.  It was a difficult season with many up’s and downs.  For all the Dodgers who do not go onto the postseason team, thank you for helping the team get there.  You were also instrumental in getting to the final goal.  We fans will always love and respect you.  To all the Dodger fans…thank you everyone for coming to the games and giving them support no matter what.  Those of you who only had criticism for the management and the team,  I suppose that’s what you do with the rest of your life anyway.  No one can be perfect.  Those people don’t read my blog anyway.  They don’t want to hear the good stuff and hate my Pollyanna attitude.

Thanks for stopping by.  Today is the last game of the series with the Giants who will end up with nothing except the satisfaction that they continue to beat the Dodgers.  Hopefully the Giants don’t win the series. I can’t wait to see my guys on Friday to congratlate them on their championship and I seriously can’t wait to buy my “We own the west” teeshirt.  GO DODGERS!!!!


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