The Baseball Gods

  So I am pleading to the Baseball Gods wherever they may be to please let the Dodgers clinch before we all have heart attacks.  They only need to win one game.  The Giants on the other hand have to win every game to mathematically get close.  That’s the Giants only hope because there is no way they can get a Wild Card spot.  Magic number is 2!!!
  Angel Pagan had told me when he explained how they kept winning, “somehow we do it.”  That season they went from Wild Card to World Series champs.  Why are the Baseball Gods always on their side?
  Maybe they should all become wrestlers and try it from that angle.  Couldn’t resist this picture taken of the rookies in Colorado as they boarded the plane for San Francisco.

  The Dodgers have the greatest fans in baseball.  The attendance has broken the record for most fans attending baseball games in the Guiness Book of Records.


 We have the cutest young fans
 the two best pitchers in baseball:  Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw.  Both are good role models for our youth.

  And who would deny that our Andre Ethier could probably be the best looking and nicest baseball player in MLB?
  or that Corey Seager is the best looking rookie.  He definitely wins the prize for the most fan friendly

  We should win a prize for not having a rally monkey
  Could I show you my post season tickets one more time?
  We could win a prize also for strangest workout clothes
 and our legends never seem to leave the building.  They love the Dodger organization so much.

  No matter what, our guys like to sign autographs.
 Our sunsets may be the most beautiful in baseball

Our barber is the best.  He never takes too much off the top

  Our full moons are the spookiest
We have the players with the best sense of humor in all of twitter.  For example:  @BrettAnderson or @BMcCarthy32.

 I can’t say enough about the best food in any stadium

  I have the sweetest Dodger reps who have been the best this season. Thank you Tess, you are beautiful and kind. Thank you as always Craig. And Sarah, you are wonderful!
  And finally we have the hunkiest best closer in baseball, Kenley Jansen. Best way to close, eh?
Just saying…..why can’t we clinch, Baseball Gods?  Luckily the Dodgers have done so well they had a good cushion going into the final games.  It’s just a matter of when they will finally get it done.  I’m pleading our case, oh great Baseball Gods.

Today the Dodgers will play the first game in the a 4 game series with San Francisco.  Our most consistent pitcher Zack Greinke with an ERA 1.65 and 18-3 record will meet Jake Peavy 3.83 ERA and 7-6 record.  The Dodgers were just swept in Colorado by the last place team.  Very embarrassing to say the least.  The Giants have gained momentum as they usually do at the end of the season with a 2 game winning streak.  The other divisions have been decided so it is up to the Dodgers to win once in this series.  Tomorrow the snot rocket king himself Madison Bumgarner will face our Clayton Kershaw.  If Zack doesn’t get it done today (which is a far reach since he almost never loses), Clayton will get it done tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!! Let’s celebrate in San Francisco tonight.  But please when you do clinch, DO NOT JUMP INTO THE BAY TO CELEBRATE!!!  


  1. Jessica Washington

    Cat….Love your post. I agree we need to pay homage to the Baseball Gods.
    Honestly, as much as I would have liked to have seen our boys clinch last week at home, it will be pretty sweet to clinch on the Giants home terf.
    Thanks for including our photo again….It made me smile 🙂
    Hopefully I’ll see you at a playoff game.

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