Magic Number 3

  Thursday’s game was a day game, starting time 12:10.  That meant the drive to the stadium would be in LA rush hour traffic and the ride home would also be in rush hour traffic.  The estimated temperature was 91 degrees but it actually was 93 degrees.  I was prepared for the worst.
   It’s always good to use your glove as a sun shield

We do not feel the heat.  Repeat…we do not feel the heat.
   The auto gates opened at 9:40.  I was one of two cars waiting to get in.  I guessed that there would not be many people there.  The stadium gates opened at 10:10.  I was one of maybe 10 people waiting.  It was already sunny and hot.  I was hoping to make it through the first pitch until I had to go up to the club to stay cool.  My fear is getting sick and embarrassing myself.  The team was already on the field practicing.
 Brandon McCarthy was on the field running.  He had earphones on so he couldn’t hear anything.  He was pretty much off  in his own world.

  He’s usually very fan friendly. 
   Chris Hatcher

 I went in to eat.  They were serving breakfast food which is not my favorite and also salad.  

   Clayton made his way to the bullpen to get ready for the game.
   He did his usual workout.  I don’t think he ever changes his routine.
   He’s very flexible.
  My favorite picture of Clayton
   And AJ made his way down the field to do his thing.
 I was just thinking about how hot it was and whether I would be able to stay in my seat very long.  Justin Ruggiano is definitely looking at me.

   Justin Turner made his return from a little time off with a sore knee.
  Scotty Van Slyke waved as he walked by
  He already looks hot.  Sitting  with him is the hero of the day, Chris Heisey.  Heisey has been a yoyo back and forth from Triple A 4 times, being DFA’d on 7/31, acquired by the Blue Jays and then back to the Dodgers on 8/31.  His average has been .173.  I think everyone was questioning why he continued to be in the lineup when he simply was not hitting.  He answered that question, resoundingly in the 5th inning.
  One person who seemed to be very happy to see Heisey was this guy.  I asked him if he was someone famous since he had that look. He told me he was really no one.  I asked him his name.  He told me it was Dickson.  Then I realized he was O’Koyea Dickson who played first base in Triple A Oklahoma City.   I told him I followed him through the season.  I had to talk to him about a few things that have been on my mind.  I told him I thought it was pretty cold that Darwin Barney had been in Triple A all season and had been playing consistently as though he was going to be brought up again to the Dodgers  in August.  I seriously had hopes I would see him again and then he was traded to the Blue Jays.  I think that Barney was blindsided but probably for the best.  Maybe I’ll see him in the World Series.  Dickson pretty much agreed.  The trade was a surprise.  I also told him I thought it was unfair that Mike Bolsinger was sent down to minors when he pitched well.  Not a good way to reward someone.  He agreed with this.  I told him that Mike had seemed to have changed since he came back.  He doesn’t seem as easy going and friendly.  He keeps away from the fans, usually on the other side of the field.  But worst of all, his pitching isn’t the same.   He is being given the chance to start again but I think it’s too little too late.  He was sent down and replaced with Matt Latos who proved to be a bad choice.  He never did well and didn’t admit there was anything wrong until he finally was DFA’d.  The right choice would have been to keep Mike in the majors.  But no one asked me.  I had so many arguments with everyone about Matt Latos.  I enjoyed talking to Dickson.  I told him to never change even when he comes up to the majors.  He told me he had a lot of work to do before that happens.
   Clayton and AJ
 Jimmy worked out

  Brett Anderson though it was a little chilly so he wore his jacket and a towel around his neck.
  Justin was back.  Oops.  I guess this wasn’t the best picture.
 First pitch.  By this time I was seriously wondering about how long I could stay in this baking sun.

 Justin was back on 3rd base.  Jimmy was back on 2nd base so that left Corey Seager out.  I suppose they thought they should rest the hot player.  He is 21 years old and probably doesn’t feel the hot and cold like most 21 year olds.  I did question the starting lineup:  Schebler in right field, Heisey in center field.  I kept telling everyone that sometimes when Mattingly starts the odds and ends in day games, it works out.  I guess I was right this time but I started to doubt it by the 4th inning.

In the second inning, Yasmany Tomas singled Goldschmidt in. 0-1.  That Goldschmidt is a Dodger nightmare.

In the 3rd inning, Goldschmidt singled Hill in. 0-2.

In the 4th Drury hit a homerun making the score 0-3.  All of a sudden a D Back who has not hit any homeruns, is hitting homeruns.  Go figure.  He must love Dodger Stadium now.  By this time, Donnie had decided to take Kershaw out. I happened to be already in the club so I was able to watch a very animated discussion between Donnie and Clayton.  I think usually Clayton wins those discussions but Donnie stood pat and replaced Clayton with a pinch hitter.  We could see Clayton pouting in the dugout.

Donnie made the correct decision because in the bottom of the 5th inning, Howie hit a 2 run single, scoring Ruggiano and Jimmy.  2-3.  We Dodger fans suddenly had hope again.  

But the big surprise was Chris Heisey’s grand slam homerun in the bottom of the 5th inning, the  second of his major league career, scoring Turner, Kendrick and Ellis making the score 6-3.  Clayton gave Heisey a big bear hug.  Heisey also got a curtain call.  I wonder if there was something wrong with the bullpen phone again.  It was a 6 run inning. This was the final score 6-3.

  Kenley closed out the game.
  So exciting!!!
    There were 38,224 fans who braved the heat of the day to watch the Dodgers win.  The expected attendance was 24,000.  Thanks to the Dodger faithful.

 The magic number is 3 thanks to the Padres who once again beat the Giants.  Thank you Padres.

  The Dodgers will be in Colorado trying to bring the magic number down to 2 with Mike Bolsinger pitching.  His ERA is 3.26 with a 6-4 win loss.  Hopefully he can get his curve ball back and become what he was before he was sent down to Triple A.  He is facing David Hale with a 6.32 ERA and 4-5 win loss record.  Good luck to Mike.  I’m still your number one fan.
Thanks for stopping by.  The Dodgers won’t be back until next weekend and I’ll be back at work.  I’ll keep you up to speed  on the magic number while they are gone. GO DODDGERS.  Let’s hurry and clinch the division!!

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