Still Seven

  Can you believe that the magic number is still 7?  The Dodgers have lost 4 games in a row.  And everyone says not to worry.  But if this lack of urgency continues into the postseason, the Dodgers will only win the Western Division and it will end there.
It was a sad day also because great baseball legend Yogi Berra passed away at age 90.  Everyone knows who Yogi Berra is even those who have no interest in baseball.  R.I.P. Yogi.  You will be missed.

  Batting practice was more interesting than the game itself.  Geez Yaz, can your hair be any shorter?
  It just seemed like everyone was noticing my camera.  Or is that my imagination?  Jim Johnson is on the left.  Ohhhh Yikes.  Anything but the camera!!!!
  Clayton Kershaw was having a conversation with former Dodger pitcher Ted Lily.  A few fans tried to interrupt but Clayton told them “Not right now.”
  Chris was having a good laugh
  Kenley was practicing a few swings although the chance he would ever bat is very slim.  He has hopes of being the bet hitter ever.
  Another camera shy guy…Austin Barnes
  And Brett Anderson who had a terrible outing on Monday.  It looks like Zack is still speaking to him.
  I even think Zack noticed me.
   Maybe because I took so many pictures of him.  When he ran by, I called out “Hi Zack!”  Usually he runs by without even blinking an eye but he actually turned and looked at me.  Wow!! Progress.
  Yasiel came by and gave us fist bumps but of course, someone had to stop him for an autograph.  I think that the Dodgers  are pretty much over autographs etc and just want to clinch.  Yes please.  Let’s just let them concentrate on their job.
  Steve Garvey was at the stadium especially for prostate cancer awareness.
  Brandon McCarthy was giving an interiew for Sports Net.  He is one of the wittiest guys on the team.
  Andre and Nomar 
  Andre Ethier, the nicest, sweetest Dodger ever.  His smile lights up the stadium.
  The D Backs were waiting for their batting practice.
  They took over the field even before the Dodgers could leave.  Rude dogs.
 Clayton Kershaw practicing some fielding.  He is definitely a perfectionist.

  Ronald Torreyes
  Donnie.  His number is 8 to honor the great Yogi Berra.

  Time to eat.  The food was in an Asian theme.  It was actually pretty good.  The Kung Pao chicken was just spicy enough and the tri tip was delicious.  The salads included my favorites.
 When I went back out, AJ was working out and stretching

 Then Alex Wood came out to warm up.  His last outing was his best.  Tuesday’s game was a quality start as well with only 2 runs on 3 hits in 6 1/3 innings.  But the Dodger bats were quiet.

 Justin Ruggiano 

   All eyes were again on Corey Seager, the flavor of the month.
 Alex Guerrero signed a couple of autographs which is unusual.  Notice that he is not smiling however.

  Scott Van Slyke talked to a fan of his Dad’s
  Corey signed for the fans as he does every game.
  The National Anthem
  Alex and AJ trekked to the dugout
 First pitch

  Cutest Dodger baby ever was in attendance
   And the Dodgers managed to go scoreless although they did get on base a few times even loading the bases one inning.
The D Backs outscored the Dodgers 8-0.  Pollock, Goldschmidt and Drury hit homeruns.  Drury hit the first homerun of his career, a 3 run shot in the 9th which was a 5 run inning.  Great job bullpen.

Alex Wood was taken out after only 6 1/3 innings although he only allowed 2 runs on 3 hits.  The bullpen came in and imploded once again.  The worst was was that 3 run homerun allowed by Adam Liberatore who was brought back from the now nonexistent Triple A  team for some unknown reason.  The score became abdominably bad and demoralizing.  The D Backs Robbie Ray who had not had a win since July 7 looked like an ace against the non hitting Dodgers.  He pitched 6 scoreless innings.

The Dodgers still are 1/2 game ahead of the Mets for homefield adavantage, that is if they ever get to the playoffs.

I’m counting on ace Zack Greinke to pull the Dodgers out of the doldrums.  There is a lack of urgency in the Dodgers.  They definitely aren’t playing like they want to go to the play offs.  Chase Anderson will be pitching for the D Backs.  He is pitching only because he is taking De La Rosa’s spot.  Chase Anderson was skipped in the rotation because of a bad outing against the Giants where he allowed 5 runs in two innings.   His ERA is 4.52 against Greinke’s which is 1.65.  Anderson’s win loss is 6-6, Greinke’s is 18-3.   Let’s hope for a win.  The odds are in our favor!

I remember the year the Dodgers did the same thing..they kept losing games when all of us were waiting for them to clinch.  I think it happened the second to the last game of the season.  I’m all for them clinching at Dodger Stadium but the stress woul be overwhelming.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hoping for a big win today to get the Dodgers back on track.  GO DODGERS!!!

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