Three Losses

  I’m trying not to focus on the negatives of the last 3 days so I’ll start off with Curtis.  He was lucky enough to snag autographs from Orel Hersheiser, Corey Seager, and Carl Crawford among many others.  He was a very happy fan.  Hi Curtis.!!
  The sunsets have been absolutely gorgeous.
Other than that, there isn’t much positive to talk about.

Sunday’s game was the worst.  Probably the most unpleasant fact of Sunday was that the temperature was a horrible 100 degrees.  I sat outside in my seat for as long as I could which was only a few innings.  When I finally went into the club I realized  how hot it was outside.  My camera felt very hot and my iphones were about ready to explode.

  I was actually excited about Sunday’s game because Mike Bolsinger was the starting pitcher.  I thought it was his audition for his bid to be a starting pitcher.  He was sent down to minor leagues when the Dodgers acquired Matt Latos and Alex Wood before the trade deadline.  They had also acquired Jim Johnson and Luis Avilan.  Down went Mike until Sept 1.
 He doesn’t seem the same since coming back.  I’m not sure what it is.  His pitching isn’t the same.  He stays away from the fans.  I think that being sent down was the worst thing the Dodger organization could do to him.  He had done well, had a winning record and a decent ERA.

 And then the first game he got his chance was in nasty 100 degreee weather.  Somehow it seems he was set up for failure.

 And probably the biggest blow was that Matt Latos was a total wash.  He never lived up to the hype.  He had one ok game and the others were terrible.  The last time he pitched, he allowed the game losing homerun in the 16 inning game.  He was finally DFA’d so he could begin his free agency early.  And Mike…he was allowed to languish in Triple A.  Dodger fans wondered why Mike was sent down to Triple A when he was pitching well enough to stay in the majors.  I was upset, of course.  Donnie told me that Mike would be brought back up.  That was no comfort as Latos imploded proving that I was right.  I had argued with everyone about Latos.

  It was obvious even before the game that we would all be miserable.  It was already 94 degrees in the morning when the sun wasn’t even that bright.
 Carl and Corey signed for the fans.  I was already roasting in that hot sun.

  I had hoped and prayed that Mike would have a good game.  They had already said that Mike would be the 5th starting pitcher but things change.  The Dodgers lost Saturday’s game even with Kershaw pitching and this game just seemed doomed.  
  Already when Mike threw that first pitch, I was counting the seconds when I would have to go up to the club to cool off.
  The Pirates are still in the Wild Card race so they were very motivated and with their ace Gerritt Cole at the mound, there was good reason to fight hard.  Cole struck out 9 over 7 innings and retired 11 in a row.  Bolsinger allowed two huge homeruns to Marte and Alvarez.  He allowed 4 runs and only lasted 4 1/3 innings.  Mike only go goes 5 innings at the most.  Being sent down to minors seems to have taken a toll on him.  “I don’t feel like the sam person before I got called down.  I feel like a completely different pitcher.”
He did better than I did because I ended up going to the club to stay by the 4th inning.   Even if I could have lasted out in the heat, I was fearful for my phones, ipad and camera.  They probably have more sense than I do.  I decided that the fans that stayed out there in the heat were unhuman.  It took me almost an inning to cool off.  I felt sorry for the guys playing out in the heat.  

  The only good thing about Sunday was the food.  The BBQ chicken and sirloin was delicious.
  Monday started out better.  It was a little overcast which made the heat bearable.  We saw Yasiel in the dugout.  Some people asked him for an autograph.  He doesn’t really look happy about signing.  I think this late in the season, the guys are pretty much over signing.  Their focus is on winning games.  I concur.  I quit getting autographs very early in the season.  The only acception was the Corey Seager autograph on the jersey but that was very special to him and to me.
 The guys were out there shagging balls and just fooling around.  They seemed none the worse for wear after that nasty Sunday game.

  Zack seems to be asking a pensive Clayton, “What the heck is going on with us?  Why can’t we win a game?”
  I think that playoff hopes rest with these 3 guys.  AJ seems to be very hot now offensively.
 Mike took a little tumble catching the ball.  I think maybe he needs to practice his fielding a little.

Wow!!  Where did that ball go?

I went up to the club to eat.

 The food was really good.  

  Marcia Gay Harden threw out the ceremonial first pitch.
 I just get that feeling the guys are looking at me.

 Brett Anderson threw a few practice pitches.

  Yaz prayed a little that we could win a game finally
  The night was perfect.  The sunset was amazing.  The weather was mild.  But do you think we could win a game?  It seems that the Dodgers are trying to stress us out.  
  I had my fingers crossed as Brett and Yaz made their way to the dugout.
  First pitch
 The only excitement occured with Adrian’s homerun

 And Yasmani’s.  But otherwise it was a flat game for the Dodgers.

I ended up sitting in the club most of the game.  I was a little tired from working the night before after spending so much time in the heat on Sunday afternoon.  I contemplated the game.  The D Backs had a 9 game losing streak against the Dodgers until Monday.   Chacin is not the D Backs ace.  But yet the guys could not get much going against him.  Brett Anderson allowed 5 runs and 7 hits in 4 2/3 innings before he was taken out.  Ian Thomas allowed a 2 run sngle in the 9th with the final score 4-8.  The D Backs had 17 hits.  I mean really???  17 hits?  Hopefully Anderson isn’t getting tired.  And hopefully the rest of the Dodgers aren’t either.

In 2009, the same thing seemed to happen.  The magic number seemed to be stuck.  Finally the second to the last day of the season, they finally clinched at home. Hopefully they aren’t going to keep us waiting until they return to Dodger Stadium Oct 2-4 .

Tuesday’s game will bring Alex Wood to the mound.  His last game he pitched like an ace.  The game before was dismal.  I hope it’s Good Alex today.  The D Backs pitcher will be Robbie Ray with a 4-12 record and 3.72 ERA.

The Dodgers have lost 3 games in a row.  Its too late in the season to be doing that.  At this point it’s too hard to catch up.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let’s hope for a win.  GO DODGERS!!!

  As an addendum, I found this shiny 2015 dime heads up on the ground. Whenever I find a coin on the ground, I know it’s a sign from my Dad that everything will be ok. Thank you Dad. I love you so much. 

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