Sixteen Innings

  Sometimes I wonder whether anything else can go wrong during a game.  It’s bad enough to lose, but it’s worse to lose it in sixteen innings while you are standing there cold, wet and frustrated.
It had rained most of Tuesday.  The weather forecast had predicted sporadic rain but at batting practice time, it was clear.  We had hopes that it wouldn’t start raining again but Southern California can be unpredictable.

My friend Robert was able to get spots on the field for us that day.  I was happy because I still had not given Zack Greinke the baby blanket I had knitted for his baby Bode Nicholas who was born a couple of months ago.  I wanted to give it to him in person because it had taken too long to make to be an anonymous gift from a fan.  Zack knows me by face but I don’t think by name.  I had high hopes.  Half of the stadium is closed until 2 hours before game time.  The Dodgers have it timed so they go into the dugout 10 minutes before the time when fans are allowed past that imaginary dividing line.  It probably is because many fans are demanding and ask for autographs as the players hurry past.  By the time we can go near the dugout, the players are gone.  The only way I would be able to be within speaking distance to Zack is during field experience.  This apparently was my last chance.

  The view from Loge is different from the view from the field.  I had a chance to take a few shots while I waited to be escorted to the field.
I used the zoom lens on my camera to get this shot.

  This is with my iphone.  I can spot Mike on the right.
I zoomed in on him with my big camera.  Uh oh.  He’s talking to Matt Latos.  Don’t compare notes with him, Mike.  In the foreground is Andre.

 The way my luck has been lately, Zack wasn’t on the field or else he went underground and didn’t go to the dugout by crossing the field.  I’m ready to just forget giving him the blanket.  I’ll just chalk it up to my bad luck.  Oh well. My other alternative is to give the blanket to someone to give to him.  There…the anonymous gift that you look at with suspicion. I’d rather just not give it to him.

I always enjoy the field experience.  There weren’t many people there maybe because of the prospect of rain.  I haven’t missed a game in 6 years and a little rain wouldn’t keep me away.  I quit getting autographs at the beginning of the season because of my bad experience with Howie Kendrick.  I like pictures with the players because they don’t seem to mind.  They know you aren’t selling these pictures as you might with autographed balls.  I usually only ask for one picture with a player unless it’s a special player.  

I was wearing my Apple watch with Dodger band.  I showed Justin Turner the band so he could see he was in a place of honor.  He gave me a thumbs up.  Andre was pleased that he was on my watch band.   He told me “Now that’s true love.”  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Andre can be so funny.

My friends who were with me are much more ambitious about autographs than I am.  They came armed with balls and pictures.  I came with nothing except my Iphone.

  Justin Ruggiano has been a great late addition to the team.
  Corey Seager has been super since being brought up for his Major League debut.
  Ronald Torreyes was also a recent acquisition.
  I had to get another picture with Mike, of course.  This is my favorite picture of us so far.
  We were pretty close to the batting area.
I was distracted because I kept looking for Zack.  It would be my last chance before the end of the season.  I was disappointed that after all the Dodgers had gone in, I had not seen him.  We went over to the enemy side.

  Corey Dickerson was nice enough to take a picture with me
  As was Wilin Rosario.
  The other Rockies weren’t very friendly.  CarGo was talking to someone near us but I really had no desire to talk to him.  Walt Weiss came up next to us but I really didn’t want a picture with him.  I didn’t even want to talk to him.  I got bad vibes from him.  I’m glad I had nothing to do with him because of the way he yelled at Justin Turner later on.  I mean, really??

  I was getting a little tired of being on the enemy side which is unusual.  I like being on the field and like to prolong the experience.  I decided it was time to eat.  The sirloin was delicious.  They also were serving slow cooked turkey breast.
  The salads as usual were delicious.  I had to eat very fast because I wanted to take my pregame pictures.
  Brett Anderson was already on the field warming up.
  Brett Anderson is the 3rd starter.  
  There was a small kid near me who kept trying to grab my camera lens.  His mom had him leaning against the gate at the front and obviously wasn’t watching him close enough.  My camera is already giving me some problems so I didn’t need anyone to make it worse.  It was law enforcement day so they had all the police officers on the field who were honored for heroic deeds.  That mom with the kid was asking loudly “Why is there so many police on the field?”  Uh, duh…aren’t you listening, lady??
  They had a precision helicopter team flying overhead after the National Anthem.
  The clouds were getting more and more ominous.
  The guys were waarming up and chatting as though it were nice and sunny out there.
  I’m beginning to really like Justin Ruggiano
  and Chase Utley
  Brett Anderson and AJ made their way across the field
  It just seemed to get darker and darker.
  First pitch
  Justin Ruggiano scored when Justin Turner singled. 1-0.
  In the 4th inning,  it turned ugly.  It started to rain.  Anderson allowed 3 straight singles.  DJ LeMeheiu singled on a throwing error by Corey Seager.  Oops.  Now we know he’s human.  Arenado scored 1-1.  Corey Dickerson grounded out (did I really take a picture with him??) scoring Justin Morneau (are there a lot of Justins in this game?) 1-2.  Garneau grounded out scoring LeMeheiu 1-3.

During the 4th inning during a double play, Turner upended Arenado.  The 3rd base umpire had word with Justin Turner.  Walt Weiss, who I was beginning to dislike, thought it was a late slide.  Rhetoric continued with Walt Weiss and Nolan Arenado yelling at Justin Turner between innings.   It was interesting to see Clayton Kershaw with one leg over the rubber bumper ready to run on the field.  You go Clayton.

I was already going up to the club since I was already getting very wet.  I was more worried about my camera.  I watched Chris Heisey hiting a sacrifice fly scoring Adrian Gonzalez making the score 2-3.  Then Austin Barnes singled, scoring Jimmy Rollins making it a tie score. 3-3.

  I ran into my friend Cindy who was celebrating her birthday with her brother Art.  Happy Birthday!!
 While I was sitting at my table in the club, beautiful Jennifer and her adorable daughter Sarah stopped by to say hello.  Jennifer is my friend Cece’s daughter.
The rain pretty much stopped in the 7th inning but I decided not to go back to my seat since it was probably very wet.

I left the club in the 8th inning to go to the other side of the stadium.  It was misting by now.  I was hoping there would be a quick end to this game.  No such luck.  It went into extra innings, already a nightmare because of the inclement weather.  In the 11h inning, DJ LeMaheiu singled scoring Paulsen making it now 3-4.  However Chris Heisey singled scoring Scott Schebler also in the 11th inning.  

The game went on and on through so many innings that they had a 14th inning stretch with everyone singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” again.  It was deja vu all over again.

Then it happened.  Maybe they ran out of relief pitchers but they sent Matt Latos out.  OMG.  I knew it would be over finally in the 16th inning when Latos took the mound.  Sure enough Nolan Arenado hit his 39th homerun of the season against Latos.  I left then before the game was over.  My spirit was finally broken.  When will they realize that Latos is not a a relief pitcher either.  As a relief pitcher he doesn’t have the luxury of being able to “warm up” for a couple of innings until you get your rhythm.  Give up on the Latos experiment.  He has lost enough games.  His win/loss is 4-10.

There were a combined 58 players used, 24 pitchers on both teams.  The Rockies used 30 players and 13 pitchers.  They even took CarGo out after an injury and put a relief pitcher in his place in right field.   They had to tell him where to stand.   Rusin, the Rockies pitcher, used a fast pitch technique when the bases were empty.  It was a game with some hope until Latos went out to pitch.  I held my breath when Jim Johnson pitched too but they sent someone else out to clean up his mess.  Our relief pitchers kept us in the game for 16 innings.  They were fantastic.  Maybe Donnie should have sent Scott Van Slyke out to pitch.

  I did enjoy my cookies and cream ice cream.
So like we always say when it was a sad loss…let’s turn the page.   Jorge De La Rosa with a 2-5 record, 4.15 ERA will face our Alex Wood who had his worse ever outing last Friday in Arizona when he allowed 8 runs in only 1 2/3 innings.  I’m hoping we can at least win this series by winning today.  The magic number is 11 because the Giants lost as well. 

I feel tired this morning.  I’m sure the poor Dodgers feel  just as tired.  It looks like it will be a beautiful 70 degrees at game time.  No rain predicted and mild weather until the weekend when it will become too hot again just in time for a day game on Sunday. Great….!

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!  Let’s win this series and bring the magic number down to 10!!

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