Another Kershaw Win

Even when Clayton Kershaw isn’t at his best, he still pitches like a winner.  Clayton, with a record now of 14-6 and ERA of 2.12, pitched a gem but did not complete the game because of a high pitch count and also because he just wasn’t as good as he usually is.

I started out on Monday, the first game of a long homestand, still feeling the aftereffects of the Darwin Barney trade.  It became more depressing when I actually was at the stadium  I realized that I may never have a chance to see him again.  Since the Toronto Blue Jays are in the American League, the only chance would be if both teams make it deep into the postseason.  I tried to distract myself by taking pictures.

  I recognize this batting stance very well even from a distance…Andre.

  Mike was on the other side of the field deep in conversation with AJ
  Chris Heisey at bat
  Another view
  AJ and Donnie.  AJ is everywhere.
  Zack minus his ponytail
  The guys are all going into the clubhouse early before we are allowed to go near the dugout.
  But Austin Barnes did give me a big smile
  The only player who stopped was Justin Ruggiano.  He signed autographs but refused pictures.  Oh well.  I wasn’t into it anyway.
  He was matter of fact, signed, and left.
I went up to the club to eat.  I guess I was so distracted that I didn’t take my usual picture of the food.  Everyone noticed that I was quiet and not myself.  I have to get over this depression.  Players come and go. It is a business.  At the beginning of the season, on Opening Day, only 15 players from last year returned.  I have to remind myself not to get too attached to any Dodger, except maybe Clayton Kershaw.  I’ve pretty much learned my lesson.  It’s difficult not to have favorites.  The fans are very fickle.  At the beginning of the season, Joc was the flavor of the day but today it’s Corey Seager.  I always have a favorite player and that one always stays the same.  My favorite was Matt Kemp the entire time he was with the Dodgers and you know what happened.

  I went back outside.  Clayton walked from the dugout to the bullpen.  

He pretty much is in his own world on the day he pitches

  He has a certain routine
  Practice pitches
  His form is very unique
  Yasmani has been working on his swing.  He pretty much skirts the issue of his sore left shoulder.  When asked why he has been wearing the hockey mask, he just answers that Austin Barnes wears one and likes it so he has tried wearing one and likes the way it feels.
  Yaz has been in a bit of a slump but has been breaking out of it the last couple of games.
 The players came out one at a time.  Chase Utley is usually the first.  The sky was angry looking with storm clouds in the distance.  It looked so beautiful and yet so sad.

  These three: Corey, Scott Schebler and Justin Turner were the heroes of the game.
  All eyes followed Corey 
  He’s very young appearing, tall and poised.
  All the pressure hasn’t seemed to phase him at all.
  During the National Anthem, the sky seemed to get darker
  The Rockies
  Howie signed a few autographs in the dugout.
  Yaz (with his hockey mask) and Clayton on the way to the Dodger dugout
  The umpires trying to figure out how to make the Dodgers miserable
  Chase signing some autographs for fans
  These pictures of Chase were taken with my iphone.  I’m thinking about getting the new Iphone 6s plus because the quality of the pictures are supposed to be even better but I’m already happy with them.
  First pitch.  I still think that Clayton is the best pitcher in baseball.
During the game I had two messages that started to get me on the right track out of my sadness.  Judy, Matt Kemp’s mother, was the voice of reason.  “Darwin is in a much better position being in Toronto.  At least he will play.  He didn’t have much of an opportunity to play for the Dodgers this season.  Toronto is a great team to be traded to…”  Thank you Judy.  I agree with you.  He is probably much happier.  Another good friend David told me…”Hang in there Cat.  I’m sure it must be a drag for you but don’t forget sometimes things happen that stink at the time but in the long run they turn out for the best.  It’s just like you have sent another son off to be an adult……….” I have the best friends in the world.  Thank you also Norma for being you.  What would I do without you?  When I saw Norma in the 6th inning, I think I finally came up out of the fog and began to see the situation a little more clearly.

It didn’t help that the Rockies scored first in the first inning with Cargo grounding out but scoring LeMahieu.  0-1.

  Yaz sacrificed in the 2nd inning, scoring Andre making it 1-1.  Once the score was tied, the Dodgers seemed to gain momentum.
 In the 5th inning, Justin Turner doubled on a line drive scoring Chase. 2-1.
  I took a picture of my neighbor’s food so my blog would have a food picture.
  I went up to the club during the 6th inning to get my ice cream and cookies.
  The Rockies just couldn’t figure the Dodgers out.
The bullpen took over in the 8th inning with Avilan, Nicasio and Hatcher to close it out.

  Crawford and Puig
I love looking at the guys in the dugout

 In the 8th inning with Corey on base, Scott Schebler hit a two run homerun which added two insurance runs to the score. 4-1.

Credit Seager and Turner for two doubles, Yaz and Turner for two RBI’s, and of course, Schebler for the homerun.  

  Chris Hatcher got the save
  This is the time that we fans are hopeful for the win.
  And now the magic number is 12 with 19 games left to play.
  I’m sure this has been what rookies: Seager and Schlebler have dreamed about.
It’s raining.  The field at Dodger Stadium was covered with a tarp last night.  It’s predicted  that the rain will stop before game time.  The question is whether batting practice will take place.

Tuesday’s game will be the second game of a three game series with the Rockies.  Brett Anderson and Chris Rusin, both left handers will be on the mound.  Rusin has a 5-8 record and a 5.14 ERA.  Brett Anderson has a 9-8 record and a 3.36 ERA.  With rookies, Seager and Schebler, added to the lineup, it seems we have the power and exitement back.  With a lefty pitching, it will be interesting to see what the Dodger lineup will look like.

  I wore my apple watch with new Dodger band to the game.  The band is really cool.  What do you think?
Thanks for stopping by.  Today is a better day.  Go DODGERS!!!  Let’s bring the magic number down to 11.


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