Nearing the End

  This is about the time I become very nostalgic.  There are only 13 home games left in the regular season.  I remember how the off season was.  It was bleak.
The “magic number” is 14 with only 21 games left.  That means that the Dodgers won’t clinch the Western Division at home.  There is nothing more exciting than being part of it

This is last year during the 2014 celebration.  You can see Darwin Barney stopping when he sees me.  My friend Danny happened to be getting the celebration on his phone and caught this moment.

Every game counts.  This is no time to lose it and start to slump.  Zack Greinke will be the Dodgers starting pitcher on Sunday in Arizona and will meet Patrick Corbin who returned this season to the D Backs after Tommy John surgery.  Greinke is 8-2 with an ERA of 1.68. However Corbin is 1.47 with 2-0 in his last 3 starts.

Friday night’s game was dismal with a 4-12 loss,  the Dodgers being unable to make up for a 10 run deficit allowed by Alex Wood in the first two innings.  Saturday night Mike Bolsinger was taken out early after three runs were scored in the 4th inning by the D Backs although the Dodgers had scored 5 in the 3rd inning. The final score was 9-5 Saturday with homeruns by Joc, Carl, Adrian and Corey.  Carl however has a hamstring sprain which is day to day.  Why is every injury this season something with the hamstring?  It was a huge game for Corey Seager who came up with 4 out of 4 hits including that big homerun.  The question is, will Jimmy Rollins still be the starting shortstop when he comes back although Corey is so hot?


Funny thing is that JP Howell was credited with the win Saturday after only one pitch.

The D Backs stadium definitely seems to be a hitter’s ball park.  The hits just keep on coming.  Sunday’s game should be interesting.

The Dodgers return Monday against the Rockies.  The pitcher is TBD as of Sunday.  It will probably be Kershaw.

A sad note for me:  Darwin Barney was traded to the Blue Jays.  That’s probably good for him because he will be able to play in the majors again rather than being delegated to the minors.  Good luck Barney.  Still love you!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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