That Annoying Monkey

  I was dreading my visit to Angel Stadium.  I dislike the parking.  None of the lots are marked so it’s hit or miss whether I’ll be able to find my car.  I decided to park in an outside lot but found out the gate that connected to Angel Stadium had been locked by the stadium so I had to walk around which made the distance almost twice as long.  The lot was crowded with tailgaters and many of the slots were saved.  I was able to find a spot but it was difficult.
  It was 89 degrees at game time and pretty much stayed that way all night.  It was unbearably hot in front of the stadium while I waited for the stadium gate to open.  Trying to find any shade was almost impossible.
  While I was waiting, who happened by, but Tommy Lasorda himself.  He was nice enough to sign for people although it was stifling hot.
  He did get a little grumpy when some fans became pushy.
  I was surprised to see my favorite vendor, the one who carries a whole souveneir shop with him but he was wearing red.  I had to tease him.  He told me that a guy has to make a living!  I bought a freewary series pin from him just because.

  The first person I saw was Andre.
  My seat was not too bad but it cost more than my seat at Dodger Stadium and didn’t include food.

  The National League West board shows that the Dodgers are 7 1/2 games over the Giants but at the end of the night, the lead would be extended to 8 1/2 with the Giants losing to the D Backs.
  When I finally got in the stadium, the Dodgers were already out on the field
  They were doing their stretching
 and kind of just standing around

  And then they tossed the ball around.  That’s Mike Bolsinger with the glove on his head.
  He was doing a little bonding with Corey Seager.
  They were probably were good buds in Triple A
  I like this picture
  Andre and Clayton
  Another Mike and Corey pic
  Justin saw some people he knew and came very close.
  Very close. 
  Howie was greeted with a big bear hug.  Awww!

Clayton practicing.

  I never get tired of watching Clayton
  AJ taking some pratice swings.  Yaz was scratched from the game because of that sore left shoulder.  He may be out for a while.
  Scotty taking a few at bats.  He was the hero of the game with 4 RBI’s and was 4 for 5
 Howie Kendrick has been out on DL but may return this week.  Chase Utley was signed to take his place and has done a great job.

  Champ Pederson, Joc’s brother, was on the field getting a lot of love from everyone.
  Carl Crawford
  All eyes on Corey Seager.  People kept commenting on how he looks like a kid.  Well, yeah, he is.
  But already plays like a pro
  Andre at bat
  Uh oh.  Spotted.
  Back to Corey….Joc and Justin in the background.  You can also see Davy Lopes in the right corner.
  The beautiful Alanna from Sportsnet waved to me.
  The captain was out there directing traffic
  Justin Ruggiano…Donnie’s secret weapon against lefty pitchers

 Adrian and Corey

 Donnie saw me and gave me a thumbs up.

  The Dodgers went in the dugout for one of their secret meetings so I decided to check out one of my big reasons for making the trek to Angel Stadium: the Oakley Store.  They keep reassuring me that they are planning to open a store at Dodger Stadium.  I had to get another pair of limited edition polarized baseball sunglasses since this is the only place you can get that particular frame.  Thank you Cayden for your help.  I decided on purple lenses.
  I bought carne asada waffle fries and a large diet Pepsi.  I thought Dodger Stadium prices were steep.  The waffle fries were $9.95 and the drink which was not so large was $6.50.  I drank the soda right away but couldn’t finish the waffle fries.  I think the weather was just too hot to eat something this heavy.  It was very weird having to actually pay for food.
  I came back to my seat in time to see that some of the starting lineup was stretching.  There was a change in the original lineup.  Jimmy was going to start at shortstop but had a sprained finger so Corey Seager started.  Yaz was to catch but his left shoulder was bothering him so AJ started.  AJ has been better offensively probably because Yaz was playing with a bad shoulder.  Scotty was actually not going to start but ended up at first which was lucky because he was a key reason for the Dodger win.
  Uh, hi guys.
  And everyone look right
  Kike is on DL with a problematic hamstring but he was out tossing the ball
  The National Anthem

  And the big goofy water drop had something to say about water conservation
  Clayton and Tim
  And Honey, AJ and Zack made their way to the dugout
  The umpires who always try to make life miserable with their version of the srike zone and other calls.
  First pitch by Nick Tropeano.
  In the second inning, Scotty hit a ground rule double which scored Corey Seager. 1-0  The Angels countered with a homerun by CJ Cron.  Who’s that? 1-1.
Zack always says a prayer before he pitches.

  First pitch by Zack
No, actually this is the first pitch.

Man, something is wrong with this ball.  No one hits a homerun when I pitch!!  Zack wasn’t his usual almost perfect self.  Mattingly pulled him in the 6th inning.  I think it’s probably because he doesn’t want to let his two aces pitch too long in these last few games in preparation for October.

  In the top of the fifth inning, Ruggiano pinch hit for Andre because Scoscia sent out a left handed pitcher.  Ruggiano is dynamite against left handed pitchers.  Justin doubled Chase and Justin in.  3-1.
But the Angels countered with a 2 run homerun by Kole Calhoun.  3-3.  There was interference by a fan so it went into review but the call stood.

  In the 6th inning, Adrian Gonzalez was out on a sacrifice fly but scored Scotty.
  During the game, there were 16 pitchers used, 9 Angels pitchers.  It made the game very long and at times boring.
  Scotty was feeling it.
  The Dodgers used 5 relief pitchers.  I held my breath with each one.
  With the expanded roster, there are more pitchers available.
  But after a while it gets boring
  I was hating that stupid rally monkey that the usher kept bringing out like a dead carcass.  It really didn’t do much good except make everyone laugh and hate it even more.  There was a sellout crowd of 44,488. It actually sounded like a Dodger Stadium game because the Dodger fans were very vocal.  The Angel fans were subdued during the entire game, maybe because they are slowly being eliminated from any playoff chances.
The game broke down with the only hits Zack gave up were 2 homeruns: one to Kole Calhoun and the other to CJ Cron.  He left the game with only 89 pitches.  The relief pitchers, Avilan, Nicasio, JP, Johnson  and Hatcher did the rest with Kenley saving the game.

 In the top of the 7th inning, Scotty doubled  Ruggiano and Seager in.  6-3 which I thought would be a good cushion for the Dodgers.

  But silly me forgot how our bullpen has been lately.  Good one day and scary the next.  Pujols was able to single Carlos Perez in. 6-4.  No cushion is enough lately.  With 3 Angels on base, Jim Johnson picked that time to throw a wild pitch which scored Featherston. 6-5.
  I was surprised to see Shane Victorino since I didn’t know he was an Angel.  Wasn’t he just with the Red Sox?
  In the top of the 8th,  Scotty single scoring the other Scott, Scott Schebler. 7-5.  Are there too many people on base?
  And Kenley came in to close the game.  It was his 30th save.  Trout was called out on strikes.  He had an ineffective game.  Pujols struck out for the 2nd out.  Then DeJesus flied out which was the 3rd out.
  And everyone got love pats.

The Dodgers have won 7 straight games against the Angels.  Sicne the Giants lost, the Dodger lead in the National League West is now 8 1/2 games.  It will be the countdown soon until the Dodgers clinch.

In Tuesday’s game, Kershaw will take the mound.  He is 7-0 in his last 10 starts with an ERA of .90.  On Aug 1 he beat the Angels in 8 innings with only 2 hits.  

It was an experience at Angel Stadium.  I have learned to appreciate Dodger Stadium even more.  I love my ushers, my friends, Dodger fans, Dodger food, and most of all my adorable Dodgers!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!  



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