Seager Debut

Thursday night’s game with the Padres was the much anticipated MLB debut for our top prospect Corey Seager.  Unfortunately although he had a fantastic showing with 2 RBI’s, the Dodgers lost to the Padres 7-10.

What happened?  Latos happened again.  He pitched 4 innings, allowing 8 hits and 4 runs.  He doesn’t seem to get it.  He was upset that he was taken out early and not allowed to go deeper into the game but after allowing 4 runs, what did he expect?  He’s forming a pattern of not being able to go further into the game.  It is taking him too long while allowing several runs while he is warming up.  If he is frustrated, so are the many fans.  It should have been a sweet victory for the Dodgers with their prized prospect doing as well as expected.  There has been a clamor among the Dodger faithful to bring this young player up. But although Seager showed what stuff he is made of, the Dodgers did not win the game because of the problematic pitching.

The nightmare began in the first inning when Justin Upton hit a double scoring Solarte. 0-1.  Gyorko hit a base hit scoring Upton. 0-2.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning, Matt Kemp singled scoring Derek Norris and Solarte. 0-4.  Latos was taken out after 4 innings.

Corey Seager hit a double in the 5th inning.  He then scored his first MLB run when Pederson singled him in making the score 1-4. Chase Utley hit a double scoring Joc. 2-4.

Scott Van Slyke sacrificed with Justin Turner scoring. 3-4.  The Dodgers were fighting back.

Seager then hit a single scoring Carl Crawford.  Justin Ruggiano hit a single scoring Seager. 6-4.  Chase singled scoring Ruggiano. 7-4.   The way the bullpen has been, it isn’t wise to get too comfortable even with a sizable lead.

The bullpen imploded with Pedro Baez pitching, Norris doubled scoring Justin Upton in the 6th inning. 7-5.

It wasn’t any better with JP Howell who has been inconsistent.  He allowed a homerun by Solarte making the score 7-6.  Everyone could see the Dodger lead slipping away.

In the 8th inning, with Jim Johnson pitching, Gyorko hit a two run homerun finally putting the Dodgers behind. 7-8.  With the 3rd relief pitcher Nicasio pitching, Melvin Upton tripled scoring Derek Norris. 7-9. Solarte then doubled scoring Melvin Upton which made the final score 7-10.

The game was again lost by the bullpen.  It seems that when the starting pitcher can’t make it through at least 6-7 innings, the Dodgers will lose.  The bullpen had been doing better as seen in the 14 inning game on Sunday but it was deja-vu all over again Thursday night.  Mattingly has said after this game that they would have to look at the pitching rotation again. I had argued after the first two games that Latos had pitched that it did not bode well.  Apparently Latos was upset that he was relegated to the bullpen and then to Arizona to “fine tune” his technique.  He thinks there is nothing wrong with his pitching.  That is a problem in itself.  The Reds didn’t like his attitude.  It doesn’t seem any better as a Dodger.  He should be working hard trying to fix whatever is wrong with his control.  Just saying. I also heard he doesn’t like his picture taken.

  Well, hello again Matt Latos.  Got him when he took his sunglasses off.
It should have been a victory for the Dodgers. The Giants also lost to the Rockies so the Dodgers didn’t lose any ground.  They are still 6 1/2 games up on the Giants with the next closest teams 10 1/2 games out.  It isn’t a time to be complacent so near the end.

Friday the starting pitcher will be Mike Bolsinger who has been in Triple A.  Many of us have been extremely unhappy that he was sent down when Latos and Wood arrived.  Wood has been ok but Latos has not been what was expected.  How many chances will he have?  How many games do the Dodgers have to lose? 

It has been nice to have Mike back.  Welcome back!  We missed you but we knew you would be back!

I was honored to have met a former Pirate pitcher named Craig.  I asked him all the pressing questions I have always wanted to ask a baseball pitcher.  He was kind enough to answer my questions honestly.  

I asked him how his arm felt after pitching a game.  He told me it felt sore but ice helped.  The next day his arm might be sore but if a player is in good shape, it won’t last long.  I mentioned the 134 pitches that Kershaw had made the night before in his complete game.  He told me that most baseball players have a very short career as pros and have to have something to fall back on.  He owns a residence for special needs patients.  He came from a family of 15 so never took his career for granted.  He appreciated his good luck and also his fans.  He never minded signing autographs or taking pictures. He is wearing a Dodgers cap but he is a Pirates fan since he is a former player.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Friday’s game will be Mike Bolsinger’s first start since returning.  I am glad that they are using a 6 pitcher rotation to give all of them extra rest.  It will be better for the post season.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!  GO MIKE!!!

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