Mad Bum vs Zack

  It was a beautiful day.  It had cooled down considerably from the day before.  There was a light breeze.  The sun barely peeked through.  But there was a definite post season feel to everything.
  It was Justin Turner bobblehead day.  It was not a sellout crowd.  It was crowded but not as bad as most bobblehead days.  
 The relief pitchers were already on the field shagging balls

  I felt a little tired after the 14 inning game the night before but Clayton certainly didn’t look tired.  He was having a lively conversation with AJ and Honey
  They all looked well rested.  On the right is the hero of the game, Chris Hatcher who had pitched 3 scoreless innings in relief.  
  Mike Bolsinger
 Chris Hatcher

  This picture was taken the day before.  I couldn’t resist:  Zack complete with pony tail drinking a little bottled water
  Clayton and Brett
 Chris and Mike

  Clayton stretching

 Adrian, Scotty, Justin waiting their turns

  I could tell this was Andre from a distance.  He has a unique batting stance
  Adrian, Justin, Lorenzo
  Donnie and Davy
  A little more chit chat
  Chris and Mike.  I think Mike has spotted me
  Clayton sitting on the field.  How is he supposed to catch any balls?
  Then they all ran into the dugout for a meeeting.  Mike stopped to give me a hug before running in.  Ahhh.  So nice to have him back.
  Orel Hersheiser was getting prepped for his Sportsnet telecast
 Justin Turner hurried by to get to the meeting

  As did Austin Barnes our third catcher called up Aug 31
  Tiime to eat.  Sigh!  I’m going to miss Dodger food when the season is over.  
  The roast beef and turkey meatloaf were really delicious.  I was happy to see my friend Yoshiko in the club.  I was in a bit of a hurry to get back to the field since I was supposed to talk to Mike when the meeting was over.  Unfortunately, the meeting took forever and I didn’t get a chance to talk to him.
  I hadn’t looked at the starting lineup so was surprised to see AJ walking by.  They must have decided to rest Yaz after the 14 inning game the night before.
  AJ is fantastic at calling the games and has been getting a few hits as well.  He actually was able to get 2 hits against Bumgarner.  He jokingly said after the game that he must have blacked out.
There were actually 9 hits against the Giants.  Bumgarner wasn’t as good as usual but still had a great game but not as good as Zack.  Zack was 7-0 against the Giants in his career, never having lost to them.  He was charged with one run, 5 hits with 5 strikeouts and 1 walk.  His ERA now is 1.59 which is the best in baseball.  He is the likely the top candidate for the Cy Young this year.

  Speaking of Zack, he was already sprinting along the field to warm up
  He stated that his ankle was hurting during the game due to the new pitching rubber installed after Sunday night’s game.  They had given the old pitching rubber to Jake Arrieta after that historic no hitter.  The Dodgers had sent that and a few other momentos of the game to Jake.  No one can call the Dodgers poor losers.
  There was a new face in the lineup Justin Ruggiano who plays outfield
  He took Matt Kemp’s old number
  Jose Peraza also started.  He was called up from Triple A and has been amazing both defensively and offensively.
  Stretch those hamstrings!!!

  Joc and Justin met with the enemy

  Joc has been slumping but has been working hard with batting coach Mark McGwire.  After Joc’s game deciding homerun on Tuesday, he hugged  his batting coach in gratitude.

  Brett  Anderson was feeling a little chilly so put on his hoodie.
  Cancer survivor Luke Lang threw out the first pitch.  He and Justin have been friends since Justin’s Mets days.  So awesome of Justin to bring him from New York for this game.
  It was a lefty lefty thing so Scotty started instead of Andre.
  A little more Peraza
  As I mentioned before, it was a magnificent LA day
  The umpires trying to figure out how to make our lives miserable with their strike zone and questionable calls.  Why do we ever challenge anything?
  And then AJ, Zack and Honey made their way to the dugout
  Zack looked right at me as he walked by.  
  He said a little prayer as the Dodgers took the field
We were all anticipating this game…two of the best pitchers in baseball meeting head to head

  It seemed that Zack had the dominance over Bumgarner from the beginning.
  Madison Bumgarner is known to be an excellent hitter as well.
We knew it would be #1 a very fast game.  Eat fast.  Do everything you need to do before the game #2 a very good game or else very boring being a pitchers’ duel.  It proved to be all of those.  However it wasn’t boring.  

We didn’t have to wait long before Adrian singled in a homerun in the 3rd inning, scoring Jose Peraza. 1-0.

  Joc hit his solo homerun in the 7th inning making the score 2-0.  He sprinted around the bases.  Lucky that since Bumgarner gets mad and yells when the batter hitting a homerun against him takes his time.  Seriously.
Things unraveled a bit in the 8th when the Giants were able to score against Zack 2-1.

  Of course there was discussion before Zack came out.
Luis Avilan came out in relief.  Our bullpen has been doing much better.

  The Giants just weren’t able to break through Zack’s pitching until the 8th to score that one run.   Bruce Bochy was ejected in the 7th inning.  Must be the frustration.  The Giants have lost 4 straight games and now are 5 1/2 games behind the Dodgers in the NL West.   Wednesday night, the last game of the series with the Giants and also the last game of this homestand, Clayton Kershaw meets Mike Leake.  Leake has a 9-6 win loss and a 3.53 ERA.  Clayton has an 11-6 record with a 2.24 ERA.  It should be an interesting matchup and also a short game.
  I had my celebratory ice cream
  and made myself a Dodger dog
 Jansen came out in the 9th to save the game
Amazingly the attendance was only 48,060, not a sellout on a bobblehead day, on a day that two outstanding pitchers met.  Maybe everyone was tired from the 14 inning game the night before.

  When the scoreboard looks like this, anything can happen.
  My very favorite pictures to take:  the victory high fives while I Love LA is playing in the background.  Mike is taking a final look at the field before going into the dugout. 
There are only 37 more games left of the regular season.  There are only 13 more home games.  I’m already feeling sad.   I’ll miss my Dodgers, my friends, the games.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!



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