Fourteen Innings

Monday’s game with the Giants was long and exciting.  It was a real nail biter.

 It started out like a usual baseball day.  I got to the stadium early for batting practice.  The guys were already on the field.  Here’s Donnie and Zack.

I was a little upset.  My camera seemed to be malfunctioning.  Someone pointed out the problem but I still had issues with it all night.  While I was randomly taking pictures, I thought I saw my favorite Mike Bolsinger.  I found out later on that they had brought Ian Thomas, Austin Barnes and Mike up one day early.  I was thrilled.  I missed Mike and had hoped he would come back up.  I’m wondering if he will be used as a starting pitcher or in long relief.

  I went up to the club to eat.  The fare was pesto chicken, a pasta with sausage, squash medley
  A nice selection of salads
  But the jerk pork with plantains was totally amazing!!
  When I went back to the seats, Yaz was crossing the field with his pink drink.  It’s comforting to see that the guys have their little routine.
  Nothing seems to change with them
  I know that baseball players are very superstitious.  They follow a certain pattern everyday.
  Yaz is always the same
  Brett Anderson always walks down the field with an extra pair of shoes
  and a towel
  Chase always does his usual stretching
  Brett did some stretching
I have to admit that I have a routine too.  I usually eat about the same time, take the same pictures, go to the club and head to the other side of the stadium in the 8th inning about the same time every game.  I’m like clockwork.  I leave my house every game about the same time.  Routine is comforting.

  Even with all the stretching and warming up, we have 3 players with hamstring injuries:  Howie was first.  He was about to return after a long stint on DL but had a recent setback.  His running is not as fast so he’s delayed.  Puig went on DL last week and yesterday Kike became the latest victim of a hamstring injury.
  It’s not the best time to be on DL.  The playoffs are coming up.  At least Joc seems to be ok physically.
  D’Angelo Russell, the Lakers rookie guard threw out the first pitch
  Brett made his way back to the dugout with his extra shoes.  he really likes his hoodie
  He looks for a child to throw his ball to.

  The Dodgers lined up for the National Anthem.  I don’t see Mike.
  And the first pitch
I was still having issues with my camera.  Sorry about my pictures.  Some are a little unfocused.

  Justin Turner doubled , scoring Jimmy in the first inning.  That was a good sign. 1-0.  It wouldn’t be a no-hitter against us this time.
But Brandon Belt with bases loaded in the 3rd inning singled scoring Jake Peavy. 1-1

Also in the  3rd inning, Marlon Byrd singled Nori Aoki and Matt Duffy in. 1-3.  About this time, I was fearing another loss.  The guys at the club told me to have faith.  After the no-no Sunday night, it was difficult.

  In the 6th inning, Adrian Gonzalez hit a two run homerun scoring Jimmy Rollins and tying the score. 3-3. I think the guy at the club was sending me all kinds of hand gestures to remind me what he said about having faith.
  Andre Ethier broke the tie with a solo homerun. 4-3.
  I ran into my favorite little girl Coco in the club.
  We got our ice cream
  and fresh baked cookies.
  I ran into one of my dearest friends, Jesse David.  He was with a group from Community Hospital.  My other good friends Margarita and Barbara Razo were also part of the group.  I hadn’t seen my former work friends in many years.  It was so nice to see them again.
In the top of the 8th inning Marlon Byrd doubled scoring Matt Duffy tying the score again. 4-4.  The score would be tied into the 14th inning.

The 14th inning rally started with a leadoff walk by AJ.  Jimmy and Chase both hit singles.  The bases were loaded when Gonzalez hit a base hit over the head of outfielder Aoki.  For some reason the Giants were all in.  Crazy since Gonzalez had hit the homerun in the 6th.  

The game was weird through 14 innings.  Clayton Kershaw was used as a pinch hitter.  Zack is the better hitter but we knew he wouldn’t be used because he was pitching  the next day.  Chris Hatcher pitched 3 scoreless innings and was the hero of the game, keeping the Giants from scoring.  Chris has had an up and down season.  Mattingly had said that if the game lasted any longer, Latos would have been put out in right field and Scotty would have pitched.  Yikes.  I was telling one of the ushers that an unlikely player would have to pitch if it lasted any longer.  I had never seen Chris pitch this long or this well. Kudos to Chris.

The game lasted 5 hours 29 minutes.  I kept thinking that I was going to go home but I had a feeling that the Dodgers would pull it off.  I wanted to be there for the victory.  As it dragged on to the 14th inning, the stadium had slowly emptied.  I was very tired but I stuck it out.  I was glad I did because it was worth it.

  There were high 5’s all around.
It felt great after the no hitter against the Dodgers the night before.

  I met two very amazing young men.  They were sitting next to me.  Ben is on the left and Jack is on the right.  They actually are going to University of Washington and are seniors.  Ben is majoring in sociology and Jack economics.  They are two wonderful guys.  I had a game ball in my backpack which I gave to them as a souveneir of Dodger Stadium.
Today I still feel tired but it’s a good tired.  The Dodgers beat the Giants in the first game of the series.  Tuesday’s game features Zack Greinke and Madison Bumgarner.  It should be either an exciting game or a boring pitchers duel.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hi Jesse.  Hi Margarita and Barbara.  Hi Jack and Ben. GO DODGERS!!!

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