Vinny Returns

Although it was a nice victory for the Dodgers against the Cubs, the big news of the day was that our Vin Scully would return for his 67th season.  He has been announcing the Dodgers since before I was born.  Now that’s a feat!

The only negative of the day was that Yasiel Puig was placed on the 15 day DL for his aching hamstring.

It was so nice being back at the stadium.  It’s getting down to the last few games.  I’m already feeling a bit sad. My life is either baseball season or waiting for baseball season.  The Dodgers are my whole life.

Since I always like to talk weather which was a favorite conversation between my Dad and I, I have to mention that the daytime temperature at Dodger Stadium was 99 degrees.  I was prepared for a miserable night, but surprisingly, the seats on my side of the stadium were already in the shade.  Life is good.

 The Dodgers were however standing in the hot sun.  I always wonder whether they are immune to all this heat.  Do they look like they are sweating?  Not really.  Maybe they have their own personal air conditioners.

  Steve Yaeger, Zack and Brett
  Joc and Baez
  The batting cage
  For some reason I was fixated on Zack’s ponytail
  Like maybe a whole lot.
  Kike was trying to catch some fly balls
  I got the feeling someone was trying to get Chase Utley’s attention.  
  I think he kind of looked our direction.  I didn’t know what he looked like at this point.  Is this him?
  Most of the guys had already gone into the locker room by the time we had access to the dugout area.  We did catch Donnie as he ran in to say hi.
  Joc signed some autographs
  before waving to me and running in
  The main course at the club was sloppy Joes.  I always think of sloppy Joes as a dish you make for the kids when you don’t have time to cook and you have ground beef and a can of tomato sauce.
  The salads were delicious especially the cabbage slaw with the pineapple.
  I was excited to see my friend Yoshiko with her son
  I hurried out to the seats in time to see Chase Utley interviewed…I think this is him.  
  My friend Carol and super cutie Lucas
  Alanna. Orel and Ned
  It was my lucky day.  Someone gave me this ball.
  I almost missed Clayton running out on the field
  and Yasmani with his pink drink
  This must be his good luck drink because he mixes it up and drinks it before every game.  Apparently Yaz likes this hot weather.  He says it keeps him loose. This weather just keeps me sweating and complaining.
  I love watching Clayton warm up
  He always pounds that back wall 
  Is this an awesome picture???  Clayton in the foreground with magnificent Dodger Stadium in the background?
  Yaz is back after being off a few days with left shoulder soreness
  A little prayer always helps
  Why do I always seem to catch Clayton yawning?
  The guys came out to stretch 
 Kike and Chase

  I’m trying to get a better look at Chase
  but he hasn’t looked in my direction
  I keep trying
  Now I know this is Kike
  Why does Brett Anderson always look so cold and gnomish.  It is still about 90 degrees.
  Sheesh I can’t believe I photobombed this picture.  It’s me trying to take a picture of Chase.  Figures.  Thank you Jon SooHoo I think.
This is a good sign.  This is Chase Utley’s first home game as a Dodger and he’s signing autograps for the fans.

  I mean, I really was photobombing today.  Am I looking at Carl with adoring eyes or what? He was asking me how I’ve been and all I could think of was how nice he was to stop to talk to me.  He is always kind to the fans.
  Joc came out to the field for a brief moment.  He didn’t start today.  Kike took over in center field.
  The umpires were agreeing on how to make us miserable with their calls
  Kike laughing to himself.  Justin in the background
Kike is obviously the Dodger with the best hair

Maybe tied with Justin Turner with his “ginger’ hair.

and Clayton and Yaz made their walk to the dugout
It’s always exciting when Clayton pitches.  Usually it is a fast game.  We have to eat fast on those days and the chefs have to start baking the 7th inning cookies earlier.

I was happy to see my favorite batboy Javier 

 First pitch 

 The game was fairly quiet until Jimmy Rollins hit a single in the 3rd inning.
  Chase then hit a triple with Jimmy running home.  The throw was late to home and Chase took third.  The score was 1-0.  Here’s my first good picture of Chase Utley.
In the top of the 4th, Anthony Rizzo hit a solo home run. 1-1.  Every once in a while, a team is able to score against Clayton.  

It was again quiet until the 6th when Cubs pitcher Hammel imploded.  He walked Chase.  He then gave up a single to Adrian Gonzalez.  Chase stole third on another wild pitch and then ran home on instruction by new third base coach Roenicke.  Very aggressive base running. 2-1

With Travis Wood pitching in relief, Scott Van Slyke hit into a double play but scored Adrian Gonzalez. 3-1.

  In the bottom of the 6th Carl singled.
  Yasmani walked.
  Then Kike singled scoring Carl Crawford. 4-1.
  They had replaced Andre with Scotty because of the lefty-lefty thing.  Scotty was in charge of making sure that everyone knew how many outs there were.
Clayton Kershaw had another phenomenal game.  He had 14 strikeouts which ties a career high.  He’s had 76 strikeouts since the all star break.  He has 248 career high strikeouts.  He only allowed 3 hits in 8 innings with only one earned run…Rizzo’s homerun.  He is #4 in ERA at 2.24.  Of course Zack is #1 at 1.61.

  Chase Utley hit his first RBI as a Dodger with a triple.
  I think I know his face now.
  It is apparent that Chase and Jimmy have that Phillie one-two punch going still.  If nothing else, Chase seems to have brought a spark to the team.

Kenley Jansen came into the game in the 9th inning to retire the side in order.  The final score 4-1.

  It seemed like a full moon night.  There was a crowd of 44,874 which is about 10,000 short of a sellout.  
The game was quick as I expected.  Kershaw was right on point.  I am expecting a perfect game from him before the season is over.

I’m already counting down how many more times we’ll hear “I Love LA.”

  The season is almost over.  I’m paying for my postseason tickets next week.  I’m hoping I use all the tickets in my packet.
Matt Latos will start Game 2 against the Cubs on Saturday.  He was in the bullpen during the last road trip and then was sent to Arizona to tweak his pitches a bit.  I don’t think that shows a lot of confidence in his pitching.  I differ with Jon Weissman that I think that the Dodger management had a concern with Latos’s pitching.  Those two losses sent him down to the bullpen.  His ERA is 6.75.  My bone of contention has been sending Mike Bolsinger down when he was doing well with a 2.83 ERA and 5-3 W-L.  I expect to see him Tuesday when they expand the roster to 40.

The game Saturday starts an hour early at 6:10.  The Cubs pitcher will be Jon Lester.  His last game he was one short of a shutout.  The Cubs are relieved to face Matt Latos.  Go figure.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m hoping that Latos gets his first win as a Dodger.  GO DODGERS!!!



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