Time To Get Serious Guys

With a 5 game losing streak the Dodgers need to seriously figure out what the problem is. Sunday’s game is a case in point. Kershaw again pitched his usual outstanding game but the bullpen folded in extra innings losing to Houston and being unceremoniously swept.

The front office’s signing of Chase Utley shows they are really not in tune with what the real problem is.  Many fans have grumpily told me I should be overjoyed with Utley’s signing because he is so good in postseason. At the rate the Dodgers are going, there may not even be a postseason. The problem lies in pitching. There are too many games lost in the final innings caused by the bullpen giving up runs. Even in Sunday’s game when everyone felt confident that ace Clayton Kershaw would get a win since the Dodgers were on top, they lost in extra innings. Even Clayton thinks it’s time to panic. It’s the home stretch. Every game counts.

I’m not being negative. I definitely am not anti-Dodger but losing 5 in a row this late in the season is frustrating and disheartening.  There is probably no easy fix at this time. There aren’t that many relief pitchers or reliable starting pitchers available . Putting Matt Latos in the bullpen seemed to show a lack of confidence by the management although everyone says with the days off, it means our aces can pitch more. Huh? Demoting a SP to the bullpen even for one rotation seems to mean, uh maybe we shouldn’t DL you yet until you lose more games. That’s just my opinion.

I’m just a frustrated fan voicing concerns as our very expensive team spirals down. It seemed to begin with trading Dee Gordon away. Then Juan Uribe. I’m trying to understand the management but most of the time I just don’t get it. We were excited as the trade deadline approached and we got…..Matt Latos. 

Maybe the team just needs a big group hug and a vote of confidence from us fans. I do believe in them. Sunday’s game should have been a win. If we fans are upset, imagine how our guys feel. A huge huge disappointment. 

So as everyone says after a loss, let’s just turn the page. On to Cincinnati.

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS! 

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