Meanwhile…in Oakland, the Dodgers are again in losing mode the score 2-4 in the 8th,  again at the mercy of the bullpen.  Back at the ranch the owners are trading for Chase Utley who plays second base. Howie Kendrick is almost ready to come back from DL or is his injury worse than we think?  Just wondering what is the reasoning behind this? Kiké Hernandez is doing a good job substituting for Howie. It does reunite former teammates Rollins and Utley for a smash up defense. Utley prefered the Angels because of his hometown of Long Beach and it’s closeness to Anaheim. Living in Long Beach myself, I can’t see that much a difference in miles.  But why all the energy for this trade?

Why isn’t the management more concerned about pitching?? That seems to be the reason for the implosion in the latter innings.  The bullpen. Maybe Utley can pitch?

We could always blame Mattingly as everyone else likes to do but does he go out and make the trades?  Is he responsible for the bullpen imploding? 

Our only recourse I suppose is to wait for September to come so they can bring up DeLeon, Urias, Seager, and Bolsinger.  Maybe we have a chance.

I still wonder about the less than stellar acquisitions: Latos and Wood. Yes, Jon Weisman, I know I shouldn’t judge Latos on his poor showings so far.  Let’s let him lose a couple more games. Never mind.

I’m easy to please…could we just at least win the western division?  Sad face. It’s distressful to be swept by any team but being swept by a last place team hurts a tad more. One positive…at least it was only a 2 game series and now on to Houston. As they like to say when the Dodgers lose, let’s just turn the page.

See you soon. GO DODGERS!!! 

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