The Latos Experiment

  I’m just dreaming about Dodger Stadium today since they are in Oakland playing the A’s. I’m back at work. Sad face. 
I just found out from Jon Weisman’s blog that Latos would be skipped in the rotation and used in the bullpen since his last couple of games have not been so great. I had thought that Bolsinger could have been used this way rather than sending him down to the minors. Just my unbiased opinion.

It was interesting to note that 3rd base coach Lorenzo Bundy was replaced, especially in mid season. 

Tonight Clayton Kershaw takes the mound with best bud AJ catching. They had a day off yesterday so hopefully they had a nice evening in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities.

It’s nearing the end of the season so every game counts. Maybe that’s why Latos isn’t starting. Just saying.

My postseason tickets will be around $2700 which takes me all the way to the final game of the World Series. It’s hard to figure out what days off I need just looking at the postseason schedule which was just posted yesterday. Every game seems to depend on the one played before. 

I’ve been happy to just have the Dodgers make it to post season. It’s always fun to just win the west. Last year was exciting since they clinched at Dodger Stadium. That was about it since the Cardinals always seem to have our number, or at least Clayton’s. Darwin Barney included me in the celebration after the game giving me a hug and dousing me with apple juice. I remember years before getting sprayed with alcohol by Kershaw during the post game fun.

Hopefully we will be celebrating!! Meanwhile back to the game in the Bay Area in just a few minutes.

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!

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