The Greinke Show

  Sunday’s day game was definitely all about Zack Greinke, our starting pitcher.  He as usual pitched a great game but also hit the game winning homerun.
  It was a beautiful summer day in Los Angeles, a few white clouds flawed a clear blue sky.  It was already 82 degrees at 11am.  
  The crowd was gathering at the right field entrance.  It was also cheer day which brought many families to the stadium.
  I was already feeling the heat so I tried to distract myself by looking at some of the displays.  I hadn’t seen the Mexico sign before.
I stopped to get a cold drink at the club before I checked out the field.

  There were only a few pitchers on the field, one being Pedro Baez who always is practicing.
  Alex Wood was also out there in the heat 
  There wasn’t enough on the field to keep me there so I went up to the club to eat.
  During day games, they usually serve a sort of brunch which isn’t my favorite.  They had chocolate chip French toast casserole, a baked egg cheese spinach dish, vegetable medley, potatoes.
  They also had their usual array of salads.
  I went back to the field and saw Clayton Kershaw who was talking to some fans
  My friend Dennis’s family was there trying to get autographs

  Kenley was throwing a few pitches
  His baby mama had had a baby boy that morning around 10am so he was warming up before the game having missed the practice earlier.
  Yaz was geting his equipment ready
  Zack was warming up
It was hot, probably worse on the field.  Zack never looks hot.

  Yasmani had his quiet moment
  Kike, Joc and Jimmy came out to stretch
  and have a few words with one of the Reds

  Jimmy looks like a dancer
  Kike already looking hot
Can’t miss any of those muscles

  Joc, to the delight of the fans, took the time to sign some autographs
  Kike and JT played catch
  Yaz walked by himself to the dugout.  Zack must have used the underground passage to get to the dugout.
  The National Anthem
  Justin nudging Joc 
  Johnny Knoxville introducing himself to Kike
and sharing a joke or two

  The umpires who probably are already in a bad mood because it’s already 92 degrees.  Let there not be any reviews because the Dodgers are sure to lose any reviews anyway.

  The Dodgers took the field.  Andre signing for one of the special kids.
 The game started with the first pitch, a strike

I stayed in my seat until the 3rd inning but a decided I didn’t want to be a martyr so went up to the club.

  and watched most of the game on the television in the club
It was one of those games that you waited for something to happen, a pitchers duel.   Finally in the fifth innng, the Reds scored.  Billy Hamilton hit a sacrifice fly scoring Marlon Byrd. 0-1.  There goes Zack’s ERA.  I kept thinking at that point that Zack is so competitive, he doesn’t want to lose so I was hoping that the Dodgers could score.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Joc hit a huge 450 foot homerun to center field tying the score 1-1.  I was happy for Joc who has had more patience at the plate but still is striking out.

Not to be topped, Zack came to the plate next and hit his second homerun of the season making the score 2-1.  The two homeruns were the only mistakes the the Reds pitcher Anthony DeSclafani made during the game.  Zack’s ERA is now 1.58 which leads the majors.  Zack lasted through 7 innings, allowing 6 hits and only one run, struck out 8.  Zack is amazing.  He was in the game 7 innings and was not drenched in sweat.  His long hair was perfectly in place.

  Meanwhle I was in the club eating my strawberry ice cream noticing that the temperature had climbed to 99 degrees.
  I had a nice fruit cup
  and the chef gave me some fresh baked cookies.  It was time to go out.  I had to finish my popcorn first.
  Adrian looked at me like, man, where were you all this time.  We’re out here suffering!
  We all be hot!!!  Haha look at poor Yasiel.  Latos and Carl look wiped out.
  My very favorite batboy Javier had made a fantastic foulball catch falling into the stands, some calling it the play of the game.  Love you Javy!
 New daddy Kenley pitched flawlessly

  And the Dodgers won, 2-1, thanks to the two homeruns back to back by Joc and Zack.
Kenley recorded the final 4 outs, his 24th of the season, 130 in his career, Eric Gagne being the only closer to record more saves.  It was a big day for him.  He named his baby Caden Isaiah.  He’ll always remember this day.

  Joc had a little bounce in his step
  Everyone was happy.  Clayton is probably wondering how he could top Zack. It was a good homestand.
  Everyone took turns being the hero
 We could all go home happy, hot and tired.  Most of us, that is.  They had Faith Day after the game.  I could not bear to sit in that heat no matter how faithful I felt.  They also had Carne Asada Sunday with Justin Turner up in Loge. Poor guys.

The Dodgers are off on Monday before they play Oakland with Kershaw taking the mound on Tuesday.  His ERA in his last 8 games is 0.87.  Wow!!!

I’m back at work after being on vacation this past week to go to all those home games.  There won’t be another home game for 8 days.  Hopefully I can be on the field sometime in the near future.  I have Zack’s knitted baby blanket all ready to give to him.  I have to get his attention which is a feat in itself.  He hardly ever looks directly at any fans.  

There is a batting practice for premium season ticket holders on Thursday and Friday.  It includes an exclusive stadium tour, batting practice on the field for those season ticket holders who like that sort of thing, and food, of course.  Norma, Pat and I like to go to these events for the tours.  We are going on Thursday which is my only day off this week.  I’ll let everyone see what one of those events is like.

We were all presented with postseason invoices.  Eeeeek!

Thanks for all your support.  Thank you everyone for stopping by.  Let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about.  I appreciate all your suggestions and comments.




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