Going Bananas

  Saturday was a very long day.  It started with a signing by Kike Hernandez at Northgate Market in Long Beach.  I went to the signing mainly to save a place for my friend Veronica who absolutely adores Kike.  Seriously,  what is there not to adore.  I took the above picture after he had signed an hours worth of autographs and smiled for many pictures.  It was a hot 94 degree plus afternoon.  Fans had been waiting since 8AM for a noon signing.  Chiquita Banana company chose him for their promotions since his thing is bananas and there were many bananas in that display.
Northgate Market on Del Amo and Cherry in Long Beach is a fairly new market.  It includes a fast food Mexican restaurant within.  The manager appeared with a tray of fresh cut watermelon for the waiting fans which was much appreciated.  Later he appeared with a tray of carne asada samples.  I’ll have to go back and get lunch there sometime soon.  The staff at the market was more than accommodating.

  Kike as usual was his bubbly vibrant self with a smile for everyone.
I was able to get close.  Ha ha, as you can tell.  I think the management thought I was the official photographer which I was sort of, kind of.
  One of his adoring fans Meghan was so excited she couldn’t stop shaking.  
  Here is my friend Veronica who told me about the signing.  To her right is her very supportive husband Christian.
  I told Veronica she should get a picture with him by herself.
I became the official photographer, at least for my friends.

  Cece.  Not sure why she stood a foot away.
  I like selfies so I asked him if he would take it.  I figured since I was there I might as well and was more than pleased with the result.  He took the selfie for me since his arms are longer.
After the signing, I went to the Stadium to wait for the gates to open.  I found out later when I got in that the Dodgers had gone in early from their batting practice because it was so hot.  The field was empty.  I sat in the shade talking to Veronica until I went to the club to eat.

  The food was the best.  It included Shelton Farms chicken safrito on Spanish rice, roasted bell peppers, spring onions, chipotle pepper cream, braised calabasitas with green zucchini, yellow squash, smoked paprika, tomato, garlic and onions.  The polenta with ricotta salata cheese, wild mushroom blister tomatoes, fresh basil and sea salt was the best I ever tasted.  The Niman Ranch beef brisket that was served with homemade cornbread and barbeque was so good I went back for seconds.

  The salads included baby green salad, golden peach salad, baby arugula and grilled cactus.  I had never had cactus before.  

  Brett Anderson was the starting pitcher.  His last outing was his worst so we were hoping he would do better.

  He warmed up



  Then the other Dodgers came out to stretch and entertain us.  Where does Kike get all this energy?  He had finished with the signing in Long Beach at 1:30 and was at batting practice at 2:30.            


  Having a few words with the enemy

  It was Girl Scout Day so they presented the colors

  It was also Back to the Future movie night so the DeLorean from the original movie was part of the entertainment complete with Leah Thompson, also an original cast member.  She looked beautiful.

  She threw out the ceremonial first pitch

  You couldn’t tell that Kike had just come from a signing.  He had his best game ever.  Maybe he should sign everyday?

  He warmed up with JT

  It’s good to have Justin back.

  Brett took the walk from bullpen to dugout with those extra shoes, towel, glove, water.  He always seems loaded down with stuff.

  while AJ walked to the dugout with pitching coach Rick Honeycutt


 Anderson threw out the first pitch while we held our breaths.  We were sinking into our seats in dismay when Todd Frazier hit a 2 run homerun right away in the first inning. 0-2.  Oh no not again.

  Yasiel hit a solo homerun in thee second inning.  I’m so happy for him that he finally is out of his slump.  It was his 10th of the year and sixth since the All-Star break.   We became hopeful. 1-2.

Jimmy Rollins singled, scoring Carl Crawford also in the second inning tying the score 2-2.

  Kike hit a 3 run homerun in the same inning scoring AJ and Jimmy.   5-2.  Kike is amazing!!!  His homerun seemed to be the game changing moment.  


The Reds scored another run in the 3rd making the score 5-3 but we fans were feeling confident.

  The  Dodgers answered with another homerun, this time it was JT, alias Ginger, alias Justin Turner who hit one to right field.

    making the score 6-3.  David Holmberg was definitely having a rough inning.

  Joc grounded into a force out scoring Yasiel.


The score was then 7-3.  We finally relaxed.

Adrian hit a homerun n the 4th inning which was the fourth homerun for the Dodgers. 8-3.   The four homeruns this game tied a season high of four in one game.  

  Of course there was a review during the game when Kike dropped the ball when transferring it to his other hand.  It was during a force play at second base.  The runner was ruled safe but Mattingly challenged the call.  To our disbelief, the Dodgers won the ruling.  We never seem to win these reviews.  The one on Friday still has me fuming.
  It turned out to be a balmy warm night but it wasn’t as hot as it had been earlier.  A positive was that Chris Hatcher who just returned from DL had a scoreless ninth inning.
  The Dodgers won with the score 8-3.
 These are always my favorite pictures.
Sunday’s game is the last game of this 7 game homestand.  Zack Greinke takes the mound with a MLB leading average of 1.59.  He has won 7 of his last 8 games.

Sunday’s game is a day game.  The predicted temperature for this game is 95 degrees.  It will be the hottest day of the week.  However the humidity will be only 36 percent.  Unfortunately there will be no breeze.  All I can say is that I HATE DAY GAMES!  I’ll probably stay in the club most of the game.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!  It has been an exciting homestand.  Next week the Dodgers will be on the road playing Oakland, Houston and then the Reds on their home turf.  They return to Dodger Stadium on August 28 against the Cubs.  I’ll be at work most of the time.  I’ll try to post as often as I can.  Thank you everyone for following my blog.  You are the best!

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