Almost Perfect

It was almost a perfect day until the 6th inning…at least for Clayton Kershaw.  Everything came up Kershaw Wednesday.  He pitched his 6th straight 200 strike season becoming only the 10th pitcher in history to acccomplsh that.  The only other Dodger to do this was Sandy Koufax between 1961-66.  

But back to earlier in the evening…let me digress.

  I always have to comment about the weather.  It was hot but cooled down quickly.  Batting practice was underway when I arrived.  
  It was good to see Justin Turner on the field.  They had kept him away from the other guys during his illness.  He said he was ready to go, probably sending Peraza back to Triple A.  I always want to tell these guys who come up from Triple A and are poised to go back, say hi to Mike and Darwin, but I don’t want to pop their bubble prematurely.
We noticed that Justin’s hair and beard has grown since we saw him last.  He said that he might start in Thursday’s game.

  Matt Latos who will pitch Thursday.  Hope it goes better than last time.
  Kike who made some amazing defensive plays during the game
  I was starving so couldn’t wait to go to the club to see what there was to eat.  I’m always amazed at the variety of food.  Kudos to executive chef Jason Tingley.  I definitely don’t eat typical ballpark food.  I seldom eat Dodger dogs simply because there is too much other great food to eat.  I do love Dodger dogs and eat at least one during the season.  There are always enough salads to please any vegetarian.
The sweet and sour chicken was the best I’ve ever had.  It was served with mandarin orange ginger-saffron rice and grilled green onions.  At the chef station was roast beef sirloin with grain mustard and roasted shallot demi-glace.  The side dishes were roasted butternut squash, baby marble potatoes and roast brussells pasta with sherry cream sauce, crispy bacon, piqillo pepper, asiago cheese, Italian parsley and fresh black pepper.  No Dodger dog for me today.

The day had started out for me on a down note.  I had taken my son to the airport for his return voyage to Virginia.  He had a nice visit with one of the highlights being a Dodger game with his mom.  I usually feel depressed for a while.  I try not to cry but sometimes it’s just too sad.  I was glad that I had a game to go to later in the day and with Kershaw pitching, I knew it would be a good game.

  And there was Coco, one of my favorite people, to cheer me up.  Who would be able to stay sad?
  And of course, my other wonderful friends.  Ty, the manager of the left field Ketel One Baseline Club, Cece, and Norma. I forgot how down I had been feeling.  I am blessed to have them in my life.
  Ty’s cute mom, handsome husband and son were there.  Ty’s son was not the happiest little guy so picture taking was not on his program.
  I love photo ops.  I tried not to get photobombed but who cares when it’s those handsome guys in the background.
I think the little guy was showing his displeasure with my picture taking.

  And then of course were there were the Mario Brothers 
  Clayton was stretching
  meditating a little.  
  warming up
  Don’t you love the billboard behind Clayton

Can’t forget Yasmani and his pink drink


  It was LA Kings night so Bailey was making his presence known.  He has a Bailey size baseball glove.
  He helped Joc stretch but the trainer seemed to be annoyed by the extra supervision
  And then Bailey had to join the rest of the Kings crew for pregame stuff
  This may be our last look at Peraza
  One more look
  Joc signed a few autographs
  Guerrero had signed a few in the dugout

 Andre has a great memory.  He asked me if my son was able to watch a game.  He remembered that I had told him that my son was visiting.
  I can’t say enough about Carl Crawford.  He was signing autographs.  I told him to look at this adorable baby because he is about Carl’s son’s age.  He came over and gave the baby a high five and spoke to the family.  He was sweet and so soft spoken.  What a super guy.  My mom always told me that if you do something nice for someone, it comes back to you double.  This was proven true during this game for Carl.
  The Washington family.  The baby is absolutely beautiful.  And he already loves baseball.
  It’s goosebump time for me when I see Clayton Kershaw and Yaz walk across the field to the dugout.  It’s almost time for baseball.  There are always a few assumptons we can make when he pitches.  It will be a memorable game.  It will probably be record breaking in one way or another. It will be lightning fast so everyone has to eat fast, drink fast and get ready to go home earlier than usual.
The Dodgers took the field.  The kids got their autographs.  Lucky girl was able to get Kike’s.  I think the only other person to get his autograph is my friend Veronica.

Speaking of my friend Veronica.  Besides being beautiful and nice, she is one lucky lady.

  She was able to snag a couple of awesome autographs in the Dodgers wives grab bag for charity.  She got Clayton Kershaw (how lucky can you get????) and my heart, Mike Bolsinger’s.  And would you believe, she gave me the Mike Bolsinger ball?  I don’t get many autographs and never got Mike’s so it was a cherished treasure for me.  Thank you Veronica.
  She also was able to get her all star ball autographed by none other than Max Scherzer.
  Back to the game…  First pitch by Kershaw.  We have been waiting for a perfect game.  
  Joc has been more patient lately drawing walks
  Carl singled to left field scoring Joc.  1-0.  That single was all Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmermann allowed which is a quality start of course but when your opposing pitcher is Kershaw, it may not be enough.  Carl was the hero of the game.  Since returning from DL, he is 7 for 18 with two doubles, a homerun and a walk in August.  You go Carl.
And then there wasn’t too much going on unti the 6th inning when we realized that Clayton would not have a perfect game that day when the Nationals were able to get a base hit.  We all stood up and applauded Clayton anyway.

 The Dodgers looked on waiting for history to be made but it will be another day.

  The Nationals were always iin discussion.  I think they are giving me dirty looks.  Hi guys.
  I had to post this picture with Mattingly in the bottom left, Kike getting ready to bat and my favorite batboy Javier. This picture is for you, Veronica.
  Then in the 8th inning, Andre the magnificent, was up to bat.  The crowd was on the edge of their seats.
He hit a double to Bryce Harper in right field scoring Joc.  The Nationals second baseman made a throwing error, the ball ending up in the stands, scoring Andre. 3-0.

Those two runs were insurance runs anyway because the Nationals were never able to score.

  Kenley came out in the 9th inning to close.  Bryce Harper was up to bat.
  It was the 9th inning, 2 strikes, no balls, 2 out.  We were on our feet to see who won this battle.
And Bryce Harper struck out, ending the game, the final score being 3-0.


We were ecstatic!!! 
  And they went back to the locker room happy while our favorite song was being played.  WE LOVE LA!!!
It turned out to be a great day.  Kershaw had another win although it wasn’t a perfect game.  He reached 200 pitches, a huge accomplishment.  I was given a Mike Bolsinger autographed ball.  The Giants lost so the Dodgers are now 3.5 games on top. Carl made a family’s Dodger day very special.  Veronica got a special autograph.

I have to thank all of you who read my blog.  I found out yesterday that my blog is now one of the top 50 MLB fan blogs, breaking through in July at #46.  I had stopped writing a few years ago because I was taking care of my precious Dad who has since passed away.  It took me a couple of years to be able to write again because my Dad was a large part of my blog writing.  It was his encouragement that kept me writing.  I still miss my Dad and when I write my blog, I still get tears in my eyes remembering everything he had said to me to encourage me.

I decided to continue writing this blog in his memory because he loved the fact that I had such a passion in life that helped me get through all the hard times.  The Dodgers have become a large part of my life.  It’s not just the Dodgers but also the friends I have made..the fantastic Dodger employees who make me feel special,  Dodger fans who have become my friends because of our common love.  Thank you to my Starbucks for letting me sit for hours while I write my blog.  Thanks also to my work friends who have been patient with me and have traded days off so I can go to all the home games.

Thank you everyone.  I love all of you.  Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!


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