The Puig Show

It was a beautiful day.  It cooled down early in the evening so we weren’t hot for long.  I was anticipating a good game after 4 dismal games.  After all Zack Greinke was pitching.

  The team was on the field warming up.  Clayton, JP, Kenley and AJ is in this picture

  I always love to see Clayton

His pitching is like a work of art.

  Kenley seems to be telling a good story
  Joc running in to take a few swings.  He alway seems to have a bit of a rakish look when he’s not actually playing baseball.
  Lots of love on the field
It was so funny.  The Nationals were on the field and appeared to be trying to spell a word.  What do you think?  

Andre signed a few autographs 

So did Kenley

and AJ.  AJ has the most gorgeous blue eyes.  He seems to be in good spirits.

  I went up to the club to eat.  My favorite tri tip!!!  It was served garlic rubbed with tequila marinade, heirloom tomato relish, charred green onions and fine herbs.  At the chef station was roast turkey with cranberry chutney, creamed sweet potatoes and Hawaiian rolls.  The chicken pesto pasta also was delicious.  I love asparagus and squash so I loved the grilled asparagus and yellow squash dish with shaved Pecorino, olive oil, green bell peppers, grilled corn kernals and rustic tomato sauce.
  The salad was charred cauliflower salad with golden raisins, Fresno chilies, mint baby spinach with a drizzle of grapefruit vinaigrette.  So refreshing.  There was also broccolini salad with roasted garlic, prosciutto di Parma, lemon zest, parmesan, wild arulgula topped with a tomato vinaigrette.  My favorite was the black kale salad with avocados,  grapes, shallots, tarragon, yellow squash, Italian parlsey with a Champagne vinaigrette.  The last salad was the Spanish Caesar salad.  It consisted of red leaf lettuce, Tajin dusted tortilla chips, shaved Pecorino cheese, red bell peppers with of course Caesar dressing.  The Club makes the best Caesar salad I have ever tasted.

My friend Yoshiko’s family was in the club.  Her son had just survived a survival camp.  He lost 15 pounds and grew an inch and a half.  What a cutie he is.

  I went back to the baseline seats and saw Yaz with all his gear walking to the bullpen with his pink drink.
  He looked like a pitcher during his warmups. Maybe that’s on his bucket list.
  He can even stare down the bullpen catcher.
And then superman Zack came out to warm up.  I am so in awe of him.  I hope he decides to remain a Dodger for a long time.  He may choose to opt out of his contract.  

He warmed up

  Then threw a few pitches
  Joc signed a few autographs.
Clayton won another humanitarian award

  The National Anthem.  They all seem to be staring in my direction.
  It was Lakers night so the Laker girls were there
  I think the girls got their attention
My very good friend Lauren was there to celebrate Laker night.  She’s wearing the Laker teeshirt that came with the special ticket

  Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson threw out the ceremonial first pitch.
  And Yaz and Zack made their way to the dugout with Zack still giving Yaz a few last minute pointers.
  Yaz dusted himself off 
  And Zack said a litte prayer before his first pitch

  It was pretty much the Andre and Yasiel show.  There was nothing really for 4 innings until Andre hit a triple in the  bottom of the 4th that the umpire called out.  After deliberating the challenge back in New York or wherever it is, the Dodgers actually won that decision.   It was so obvious that they had to overturn the call.  Escobar the 3rd baseman had missed Ethier’s leg on the tag.   It was the turning point of the game.
 Puig hit a gigantic homerun halfway up the bleachers with Andre on 3rd base.

 Andre scored and waited for Puig to celebrate the two runs scored.

I had just been thinking that the game was boring…a pitching duel until it broke loose.

  The Nationals pitcher and catcher had to have a conference
  Obviously Yasiel is happy
  Luis Avilan had a chance to shine in the 9th inning after Yimi Garcia was able to pitch 2 scoreless innings. Yimi came up just before the game from Triple A.  Zack’s pitchinng wasn’t the best in the first few innings but he did not allow any runs.
  Avilan pitched a perfect 9th inning.  We all breathed a sigh of relief.
  This is excitement time.
  The Dodgers won a game after losing 4 in a row for the first time in 2 years.
  Time to celebrate
  Hey…is that Justin Turner? I also see Howie and Brandon McCarthy.   Everyone came out to celebrate.
My son returned home to Virginia this morning.  Thanks to Jon SooHoo for this nice picture.  So this morning I’m happy about the win but sad that my son went home.

Today Kershaw will be pitching against Jordan Zimmermann.  Bryce Harper is still day to day with left knee soreness.  It’s still up in the air when Justin Turner will return.

Final notes…Callaspo had a great defensive game.  Puig was able to pull himself out of that nasty slump.  Zack can right himself when he’s not the sharpest.  The Dodgers are still number one.  The Dodgers can win a challenge.  All you Puig haters can now jump on the I LOVE PUIG bandwagon.  The bullpen can pitch a game without losing it.  LIFE IS GOOD!

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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