On the Field with the Nationals

  The Dodgers had been swept by the Pirates over the weekend.  They didn’t arrive back in LA until 6AM the next morning.  It wasn’t a good few days for our guys.  
My son is visiting from Virginia.  I wanted to invite him to a game when we could go on the field.  Monday was the day.  Unfortunately there was no Dodger batting practice so either we cancelled our batting practice or we were invited to the Nationals batting practice.  I opted for the latter so my son could at least experience being on the field.

It was very crowded since everyone who was scheduled for Dodger batting practice was at Nationals batting practice.  Usually there are maybe 15 people but Monday there must have been at least 100.  

  We had a great view.  My son enjoyed watching them practice.
  Jose Lobaton, the Nationals catcher, took a picture with my son.  He was very nice.  I told him my son watched the Nationals all the time since he lived near DC and had been to the games there.  I’m not sure if he understood what I said. I wonder whose autograph is on his cap.

  He also took a picture with me
  Clint Robinson also signed autographs and took pictures with the fans.  By this time I think my son had enough pictures with the players.

  My son had a picture taken with Jim Johnson who was practicing on the field with Luis Avilas.  Johnson had the worst game ever on Sunday allowing 8 runs in one inning.  I couldn’t understand why he was allowed to stay in.
  I introduced my son to Dodger baseline buffet.  The fare was wild mushroom and roasted chicken, roasted pork loin with char-grilled jalapenos and peach marmalade  and English pea pasta.  He was amazed at the great food.
  When we went back out to our seats, Brett Anderson and AJ were on the field warming up.
  Brett had been doing pretty well.
  He seemed to be in good form.

  One of my very favorite people Ryan was there.  I hadn’t seen him in a while.  He told me he was in a baseball tournament in Colorado for a few days.  Ryan is on the right.  The little guy on the left is Josh.  I have the most adorable friends.
 We were all interested in Jose Peraza who was just brought up from Triple A to take Howie Kendrick’s place.  Peraza is the Dodgers #4 ranked prospect.  Howie had injured his hamstring in Sunday’s nightmare game.

  Kike was starting.
  Of course he didn’t come to the side since my friend Veronica wasn’t present.  There was even a fan dressed like a giant banana begging for an autograph.  Nope.  He couldn’t even be persuaded by the banana.
  The only one who signed autographs was Puig.  I snagged an autograph for my son.  I really don’t get autographs anymore but I wanted my son to have one as a souveneir of the game.   While we were on the field, one of the grounds crew Terry had given  us a batting practice ball.  So cool.  It was covered with Dodger dirt and grass stains.  Another souveneir.
  We had an interesting starting lineup including Peraza starting at second, Callaspo at third and Kike starting in center.  Rounding it out was Guerrero in left.  I think that Guerrero is better at pinch hitting since defense is not his strong suit.  The Dodgers are missing  Justin Turner who I suspect has MRSA since they are keeping him away from the team.  They are also waiting until he is completely healed.  I’m just saying….  They were also missing Joc’s defense.  He and Puig may be going through slumps as far as offense but their defense is much needed.
  I really felt sorry for the team.  I knew they must be exhausted.  And jet lag is not a fun thing either.  Everyone thinks I am making excuses but I know jet lag.  Haha Andre always seems to know where I am.  He always is looking at me when I take my pictures.

  I almost missed Brett Anderson walking from the bullpen to the dugout.
  I was excited for my friend Josh.  He had a great day.  Clayton autographed his baseball mitt, He got a Puig autograph as well.  To cap it off, he got the ball that Peraza threw at us.  I deflected the ball so one of the little ones could get it.  I am not one to wrestle a ball away from a child as I know some adults would.  I heard someone I know grumbling that the ball was for her.  I mean really?  I told her he threw it at me since he looked directly at me.  She chose to argue with me.  Meanwhile Ryan asked me if I really did that so little Josh could get it and I said of course.  Obviously the little guy will forever remember this day.  Would the ball be more appreciated by someone who will add it to her 500 plus collection or by this wonderful little boy?   

 I invited one of my favorite people Gian to the game.  He is a Starbucks barrister.  He has always been nice to me while I sit for hours doing my blog. I always say, when you are nice to people it always comes back to you double. Here’s to you Gian!!!  Keep being the wonderful person you are.

I pretty much have very little to say about the game.  My son pointed out to me that I seem so anti-Dodger lately. I am trying not to say too much negative but the only positive that came out of the game was Peraza who actually had his first major league hit, a triple in the 3rd inning.  Crawford did keep the Dodgers from being totally blanked out by hitting a 3 run homerun in the 9th making the final score 3-8. Brett Anderson had a horrible outing and was kept in because the bullpen was worn out from the Pirates games  He allowed 6 runs before being taken out.  Kenley came out to finish probably for that reason but not before 2 more Nationals runs.  Donnie even conceded that the Dodgers really didn’t have a chance to win.

The Dodgers have finally lost 4 games in a row.  They had not done that since 2013.  Oh well!

Tuesday’s game will be better hopefully.  The Dodgers starting pitcher will be Zack Greinke who has an 11-2 record with a 1.71 ERA.  He most certainly will pitch at least 6 innings giving the bullpen some rest.  The bullpen is 26th in the Majors with a 4.19 ERA which is terrible.  Rumor has it that Mike Bolsinger is being primed to become a long reliever or to take over if one of the starting pitchers get hurt.  I have my fingers crossed.

Although the Dodgers didn’t win, my son and I had a good time.  Gian had a good time.  My son reminded me that this was one game.  He is always good at putting things in perspective.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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