Getting Swept

It was an embarrassment.  The score was 6-13 with 9 runs allowed in the 7th inning.  It also shows a failure on the part of the management to acquire what we really needed to make a run for the pennant.  Everyone keeps telling me that I haven’t given the new players a chance.  After being swept by the Pirates, it should be obvious to everyone, whatever the owners expected, has not panned out.  I was very disappointed by what we ended up after the trade deadline.  Who the heck were these players?  Matt Latos?? Really?  His last outing was horribly disappointing.  Jim Johnson?  He allowed 8 runs last night leading the Dodgers to a very disheartening loss.  He stunk pretty much and then they brought out Peralta to seal the loss and really make the Dodgers look like losers. Scores like that surely make the players question themselves and their team.  I’m glad they didn’t play this game at Dodger Stadium because I simply would have walked out.  It is very difficult to simply  put games like that behind us and turn the page.

I don’t think that it is so much that the Pirates are a good team.  They are a great offensive team. It’s more the fact that the bullpen was not doing their job.  The only way we can make it to postseason is to reconstruct the failing bullpen and to figure out what is going on with numbers 3,4 and 5 of our starting pitchers.  We can’t expect to be contenders for postseason with pitching like we have now.  Only our aces Clayton and Zack are dependable.  Latos has so far been extremely disappointing.  I really don’t care what everyone is telling me.  

I rarely have negative things to say, but it is so obvious to me.  The owners don’t  care about winning the World Series this year. They didn’t acquire enough to make our team strong enough.  All we needed was one more dependable starting pitcher.  We need a stronger bullpen who won’t allow a lead to whittle down into a negative. Everyone likes to use Mattingly as the whipping boy.  He only has these players to work with.  He can’t magically make these guys fantastic.  He uses Peralta because this is what he has.  I expect Peralta to be DFA’d.  And Jim Johnson?  What happened to him?  Overworking JP isn’t the answer.  

They are having Mike Bolsinger pitch long relief in Triple A, pitching 90 plus at least.  Many fans were questioning why a pitcher who was doing well was sent down while the failing bullpen was floundering. Hopefully they are giving him another chance.  The bullpen pitchers have been going up and down like yoyos whenever they allow hits maybe to spiff up.  They come back and mess up again, get sent down.  Obviously this is not working.  

The Dodgers are back home today.  Whoever schedules the games has no heart.  They come back from Pittsburgh probably in the middle of the night and return to Dodger Stadium to play 7 games.  Add a little jet lag to this.  And they are playing a red hot team, the Nationals.  

I, of course, will be there, and I am bringing my son who is visiting from Virginia.  The irony is that he watched the Dodgers play the Nationals in DC.  He’s watching them play again, this time at Dodger Stadium.  He has not been to Dodger Stadium for a few years.  Hopefully the Dodgers can win this game.  The Dodgers have not lost more than 3 games in a row this season.  The Giants are still 3 games back, having their own problems, losing 4 in a row.  Arizona is 7.5 games back.  San Diego has lost 6 in a row and is 10.5 back.  

Hopefully I’ll have something good to report tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

One comment

  1. gregprescott

    While I live in Virginia and work in DC, and am usually a Nationals fan, I will be listening to Vin call the first few innings against the Nats. Nats are 3-7 in their last 10 and might be easy prey for the Dodgers tonight!

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