Losing to the Pirates

It appears we have lost the series to the Pirates. All our hopes and dreams were with Matt Latos since the management didn’t seem to want to pursue any other pitcher. It’s been disappointing. Everyone has reassured me that the acquisition was smart. So why have we lost games and could be seeing our lead going down the drain. Luckily the Giants have lost as well so we are still in first place.

I wonder how far the Dodgers will go in the postseason. I’m really not so picky…I would like them to win the west so we can celebrate at least once. It seems that the management is aiming for a 2016 World Series since they haven’t really made a push in player acquisitions this year. Can we go very far with what we have now? Our co aces Greinke and Kershaw can’t be expected to carry the whole team. At best, Brett Anderson has been ok. New Dodger Matt Latos is at best a 4th pitcher. Wood is promising. But is that really enough for a drive in the postseason?

We had been hopeful prior to the end of July thinking that the management was aiming high for the likes of Hamels or Price. We got Latos and Wood. Everyone said that they have had quality starts, acceptable for a starting pitcher but good enough for a World Series team? 

Our bullpen has been shaky. Our hopes were for starting pitchers who can make it at least through the 7th inning so we don’t have to depend on the bullpen. When we see Peralta used, it’s as though we don’t care if we lose or not. To use him in those do-or-die situations has not been fruitful. Jim Johnson has not been the solution. Luis Avilas is still an unknown factor. 

And then they sent Mike Bolsinger down after the Dodgers acquired these pitchers. Really? He had proven himself in my opinion. Besides that, he has the right mind set in that he believes in himself and knows his flaws. He also was good to fans, never wavering in his obvious love for playing the game. But then everyone knows how I feel!

Sunday is the final game with the Pirates. Hopefully the Dodgers can avoid the sweep. The offense needs the reliable Turner to return. Maybe he needs a special nurse to take care of his wound?  They return home Monday to start a series with the hot Nationals. We can’t rely on the Giants to keep losing in order to stay in first place.

Monday is exciting for me. My son will be attending the game with me, his first game in a few years. He is in the Navy but is still a Dodgers fan no matter where he is. Hopefully my guys can play a good game and show him why I love them so much.

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!!!

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