The Zack Greinke Show

  I have always admired Zack for his athleticism but Thursday’s game was beyond words. He always seems to be very unemotional, even tempered, matter of fact. Actually do I detect a slight smile in the picture of us?? 
Game 3 against the Phillies was a game that can cause fans extreme stress. Every great pitcher has a game that he would like to forget.  This was one where Zack actually lost his cool and became angry. He was charged with 6 runs in 6 innings. His ERA is still 1.71.

In the first inning with Greinke pitching, Dominic Brown hit a 3 run homerun clearing the bases. When the dust settled, he had allowed 5 runs. The Dodgers had already scored 3 runs so the damage wasn’t as formidable as it could have been. 3-5.

This upset Zack. I guess when he gets upset, he produces.  He hit a single in the 2nd inning scoring on a 3 run homerun by Adrian. 6-5.

In the third inning, he hit a huge homerun with 2 outs flipping his bat afterwards. It was a bat flip that went viral. 7-5.

Zack singled again in the 6th inning, scoring on Howie’s double. 9-6. Zack is the only Dodgers pitcher since the club became an LA franchise to score 3 runs since Claude Osteen.

Zack admitted he was mad. It was a good thing. 

It was a high scoring game which was full of heart stopping moments.  I really am not one to criticize anyone but the Peralta experiment has to be over. He was charged with 2 runs in the 9th inning after Franco hit a double off closer Kenley Jansen. The game ended finally in a double play. Thank you Adrian. Final score was 10-8. Credit Zack making him 11-2, Kenley getting his 21st save.

I would have died a thousand deaths if the game was played in LA.  

Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow we move to Pittsburgh to play the Pirates with Clayton Kershaw on the mound. I know there is a rivalry between Zack and Clayton. It will be hard for Clayton to do what Zack was able to do against the Phillies. GO DODGERS!!

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