Meanwhile in Philadelphia

First of all…prayers for Tiffany Billingsley. Remember her husband Chad? She has been battling a rare form of cancer: gestational choriocarcinoma  which was discovered after an already heartbreaking miscarriage. At this point after aggressive chemotherapy she is cancer free.  Thanks to the Phillies organization for all their support.

Mike Bolsinger had a scare in triple A when he was hit in the right arm with a ball. Everything is ok and he will make his next scheduled start! 

 I really miss him.  But he did say that he would be back. Counting the days…!

Puig seems to have his swing back so all you Puig haters can simmer down! Ever since his homerun on His bobble head night,  he has gotten his confidence back.

I have a fear of the bullpen or should I say downright terror. When they come out, my hands get sweaty, my heart races.  Tuesday’s game was a good example.  Why bring Peralta out in a do or die situation when he has not pitched well since returning from DL?  A lot of fans were clamoring for Johnson but I seem to remember the enemy hitting a homerun against him too. It is an uncomfortable feeling when the bullpen brings me so much heartburn. 

  Jim Johnson is pitching now in relief. He’s already allowed a base runner. Gulp. And now a homerun.  I think I’ll get off MLB@Bat and check the score later. I need to find my Tums
Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS. 

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