Sweeping the Angels

  If someone was to tell me that the Dodgers would sweep the Angels this weekend, I would have told them that the Angels are a tough team to beat, let alone sweep.  
 Sunday was the much anticipated Mystery Bag Fundraiser for the Dodger Foundation sponsored by the Dodger wives.  I was the first in line so there were no Dodger wives yet.  I was planning on buying 4 bags, 2 for a friend since she was arriving late for work reasons, 2 for my son,  The two I bought for my friend were JP Howell and Carl Crawford.  She was happy with both since she didn’t have either one.   My friend Veronica bought three bags and was lucky to get Mike Bolsinger (believe it or not, I don’t have his autograph) and Clayton Kershaw. I should have let her pick my bags.  

  I’m not lucky with stuff like this.  My other friend Robert bought one ball and it was signed by Andre Ethier.  He was disappointed since his is an easy autograph to get.  I’m sure later in the game, he would change his mind.
  I was finally able to talk to Clayton Kershaw.  I wanted to make sure he got the baby blanket I crocheted for his baby.  I had given the blanket to AJ to give to Clayton last homestand. He gave me a big smile and thanked me.  Seeing his smile made every stitch I put into that blanket worth it.
  He was on the field testing his arm.  He had had 8 games between outings because of a sore hip.  Everything looked A-OK.
  I went up to the club to eat.  It was already getting hot since there wasn’t much of a breeze.  The salads as usual were refreshing and satisfying.
  People are incredulous when I tell them I eat tri tip at Dodger Stadium.  That was the highlight of the chef station..roasted paprika tri tip.  It was presented with a roasted squash medley and Southwest chicken pasta.

  Yaz and his pink drink
  Yaz stretching
  I was interested in checking out Matt Latos, our new pitcher, the pitcher that the owners had planned on getting from the beginning of the trade season.  They hadn’t really been interested in Cole Hamels or David Price.  My thoughts…I hope they are right.  The owners were not willing to trade any of our prospects.  I’m on their page with that.  I’m just hoping that we have enough to at least win the West.
A few views of Matt Latos so everyone will know what he looks like.  We have a few new faces to learn.

  There certainly was a lot of hugging and love going on beetween the Dodgers and the Angels
  It was nice to see Carl Crawford starting in left field.
  He was the only player to sign for the fans.  Thanks Carl.  
Callaspo and Crawford with the Fish photobombing.

  And Latos and Yaz walked down the field
  It’s always interesting to watch a pitcher’s debut with a team
  and the Dodgers took the field.  Aha and look who I happened to catch with my camera..Dre.
  The exciting first pitch
  Mike Trout is always the one to be fearful of.
  It was a bit boring until Howie hit a two run homerun in the third. 2-0.  I was looking yearningly toward the shade.
By that time, I was really hot.  It’s not much fun during day games trying to concentrate on the game and also trying to stay cool with a lot of water and soda.  There is no shade where I sit.  I decided it was a good time to go to the team store just to cool off a little.  

  I’m so spoiled.  The chef made me another sundae of vanilla ice cream and bananas Foster.
 Meanwhile, with Latos pitching, Pujols grounded out but Kole Calhoun scored. 2-1.  Latos was retired with 6 good innings, allowing one run, 4 hits and one walk.  Not bad for someone who admitted he was jet lagged and nervous.  He was happy he wasn’t booed his first outing as a Dodger as he was in Miami.  I always say, never boo someone on your own team, there’s 9 players you can boo on the other team.
In the 8th inning with our new highly touted reliever, Jim Johnson, pitching, Calhoun once again was able to hit the ball, this time a solo homerun tying the score. 2-2.  On a hot day like it was, I just dreaded extra innings.  All of us fans were in pools of sweat, sun burned and restless.  We all groaned and cried.

  When Andre Ethier came to the plate in the 8th inning and ht a huge homerun to centerfield with  Joe Smith of the Angels in relief, we all stood up and screamed, mainly because we thought that the Dodgers had avoided extra innings.  Smith had not allowed a homerun in a long time so it was a surprise to the Angels.
But unfortunately, Pedro Baez, allowed an Ianetta double which  scored Erick Aybar tying the score again in the top of the 9th.  3-3. We had all been packing up to leave already when this happened.  We all cried in despair.  

I hate extra innings and today made it worse.  I’m sure the poor players were ready to take a shower and go home.

  with Adrian Gonzalez on base with a one out walk , a miracle happened 
  The walkoff king of the past, Andre Ethier, once again made our hearts soar with a two run homerun in the 10th.  He was our hero…we could finally go home.  I remember years ago, we always knew that Andre would hit the walkoff, it happened so often.  The final score 5-3.
  The Dodgers were ecstatic.  Somehow we had swept the Angels who are always tough to beat.
  I know Andre is at the bottom of this pile.  I think my friend Robert is lucky that he actually got that ball autographd by Andre.  What a special ball, on the day that Andre hit two homeruns, one resulting in a walkoff.  
  Joc ripping Andre’s jersey off
  What a fantastic day for the Dodgers.  Little did Baez know that even after allowing that tying run, he would be the winning pitcher.
There were 52,116 sweaty fans in attendance.  This was Andre’s 14th walkoff hit, second only to Dusty Baker’s 16.

This was the 15th time that the Dodgers have hit at least 3  homeruns in a game in 2015.  Last year, the Dodgers did that 10 times all year.

The homestand and the weekend was one of the best ever.  Sunday’s win was the Dodgers’ 4th straight win.   One player I respect who isn’t a Dodger is Andrew McCutcheon.  He wrote this on his twitter after yesterday’s game with the Reds.  There was a bench clearing incident with a lot of tempers flaring.

….Today is just a reminder that I can’t do this on my own strength.  Lord, be my strength and my guide. Forgive me and continue to help me grow…..

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m tired today but it’s a good tired.  GO DODGERS!  And have a good day off!

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