Kershaw vs Trout

It was a hot day, humidity at 89%.  I was prepared for a miserable time.  It was a day game.  It is well known that I hate day games.  I think they scheduled two in a row to punish me.

  I was surprised to see some of the pitchers on the field tossing the ball.  
  Clayton was already out there stretching.  He has had a little more time between starts because of a sore hip.  
  I’m still not familiar with some of the new players.
  Meet Jim Johnson, one of the new relief pitchers.  He’s very tall.
  And meet Luis Avilan, another new relief pitcher
I told Donnie Mattingly I missed Mike Bolsinger.  He looked at me and told me he hadn’t been gone that long.  Sigh. He just doesn’t understand!!!

  I went up to the club to eat.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a French toast bar.  I love French toast.  This is the bananas Foster French toast.  It was yummy.
  The chef was pleased that I was enjoying the product of his labors.
  Orel Hersheiser was interviewing Jim Johnson on Sportsnet
  Yaz walked down the field as usual with his pink drink and gear.
  and worked out 
  with Clayton
  Austin Barnes signed a few autographs.  AJ is slated to come off of DL on Tuesday so Austin is probably going back down to Triple A.  Say hi to Barney and Mike for me.
  Kike came out amidst cheers
  and showed how flexible he really is.  Wow!
I think Andre sees me

  Scotty and Kike.  Kike and Yasiel took part in the ALS ice bucket challenge that morning.  His hair still looks wet.
  And then Scotty took a nap.

  while Kike continued working out
  Yaz and Clayton walked down the field.  
  Jimmy had a chat with the enemy prior to the game.
  Brett Anderson watched from the dugout
  Alex came out to the field to work out.  No one signed autographs.  I told my friend Veronica that I had only seen Kike come to the side to sign when she was there.  Hmmmm. There is some sort of connection there. She loves Kike and Zack Greinke.
  And then the first pitch
  It was pretty much one of those pitching duels that is actually pretty boring.  The duel was between Andrew Heaney who has a 5-0 record and our ace Clayton.  Heaney was a Dodger for half a minute before being traded. Scioscia came out to argue strikes.  He’s frustrated with his players’ offense against good pitchers. They have a 5 game losing streak.

  And Clayton continued his brilliant pitching
In the bottom of the 6th, there was finally some action.  Howie Kendrick scored on a sacrifice fly hit by Scotty Van Slyke.  1-0.

 Until then I spent most of the time feeling hot and watching the clouds

  and getting ice cream.  I persuaded the chef into making me a sundae with the ingredients from the Bananas Foster.  So good!
  Yaz hit a homerun in the bottom of the 6th also scoring Adrian. 3-0. 
 The fans came to life.

  Everyone was interested in the matchup of MVP Clayton and MVP Mike Trout.  
  Mike had a disappointing day against Clayton.  
  It looked like Clayton was going to pitch the 9th to complete the game but the righty lefty thing came into play. Kenley came out to finish the game off.  Kenley has been fighting a virus.  He walked two and then Pujols was able to hit a base hit.
  That base hit scored David Murphy making the score 3-1.
  It brought the guys and pitching coach to the mound to discuss what Kenley should pitch next.
  I think this Angels fan has a conflict of interest
  We beat the Angels again with the same lineup as Friday with the final score 3-1.
  We were all happy.
Sunday’s game is another day game, again with the Angels.  The matchup will include our new pitcher Matt Latos.  It will be his debut as a Dodger.  I hope it goes well.  Apparently he was the management’s first choice.  The Angels Wilson may be out for the rest of the season.  The Angels will send Rasmus out who has a record of 0-0 and an ERA of 0.0.  Interesting.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!  I hope I don’t melt in the sun.  

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