Greinke and the Angels

  It was a beautiful night.  The sunset was gorgeous.  The evening temperature was mild.  I was ready for a good game.  
I usually am nervous on days the Dodgers play against the Angels.  They are always a tough team to beat.  Fear Mike Trout who doesn’t seem human.  Fear Mike Scioscia who is a fantastic coach.

I knew there would be several new faces that I would have to learn.  Here are two:  Jim Johnson and Lus Avilan, new relief pitchers.   I’ve heard that all the new players are happy to be Dodgers.  That always helps when there is no moping and crying about being traded.  My friend was waiting to see Shane Victorino who very recently became an Angel.  He never appeared.

  Two familiar faces: Clayton with his sore hip and Brett Anderson
  I went back up to the club to eat.  The salads included my favorite loaded macaroni salad.  It must be the bacon crumbles.  The other salads were the grilled Ojai salad with candied walnuts, endive, baby spinach, pickled red onions topped with cider vinaigrette.  The salad to the right is the pozole salad with hominy, cabbage, breakfast radish cilantro (hope it wasn’t grown in Mexico) Fresno chilies which gave it an amazing spicy taste, topped with citrus vinaigrette, and tortilla strips.  The pozole salad was the in seat special.  I didn’t mind having it twice.
  The food was amazing. The red wine marinated chicken was delicious. It was in a white bean cassoulet with bacon, black kale, orange zest and walnut oil.  Everyone commented on the Ventura Coast potato gratin which had garlic chives, thyme, Sabastapol Farms cheese and triple cream. The BBQ spiced turkey meatloaf also was special.  It must have been the mustard BBQ sauce.
  Yaz stretching on the field.  He seems very flexible.  
  Zack warming up
  It must be very different at home with the new baby.  His focus seems to be a little off.  And do I detect a smile once in a while? Nah.
  Scotty Van Slyke started in left field.  He has been recovering from a sore neck.  Justin Turner has an infection on his right thigh which started as an ingrown hair supposedly.  It’s weird he would be put on 15 day DL for that unless it was one of those nasty abscesses that has to be drained and packed.  Hopefully he gets better soon.
  Kike joined him on the field.  I love watching Kike.  He always seems to be having fun.  I noticed some bananas in the stands.
  Shemar Moore of “Criminal Minds” practiced throwing the first pitch.  He is one of my favorite actors so it was nice to see him on the field.

Scotty and Kike

I saw Jim Johnson again and Alex Wood during the National Anthem.  There’s Luis Avilan behind Jim Johnson.  They look comforable in their Dodger blue.  I heard that Alex Wood was excited about being a Dodger.  That’s nice to hear.

  Yaz and Zack walked down the field.  I wonder what Yaz puts in his avita to make it pink.  Whatever it is, he drinks it before every game.
  The Good Year blimp flew overhead.  I heard that they were going to retire it soon.  I think it’s been flying since I was a child.  Maybe it is time to retire it.
The coaches and the umpires.  I always wonder why the umpires always rule against the Dodgers.  And why is their idea of strike zone so erratic with the Dodger pitchers?  I know I saw Adrian and Kike arguing about some of the strikes called.  Those two rarely argue anything.   And I didn’t realize Mike Scioscia was so tall.

  Zack did his little ritual around the pitchers mound
  First pitch
  I was all set with my usual in seat food:  bases loaded nachos, the baseline special, melon cup, 2 diet cokes and water.  What you don’t see is the Dodger Dog.  I don’t want to look greedy.  You can see my view of the field.
We didn’t have to wait long for Howie to smash a home run.  It happened in the first inning.

  Nice way to start off the game…with a lead.  1-0.  And the Dodgers were never behind.
Mike Trout tripled scoring Kole Calhoun in the 4th inning. Calhoun is another dangerous Angel.  1-1.  I thought, oh no, here we go again.  

  Then Alex Guerrero homered scoring Yaz.
  The score was then 3-1.  I was starting to feel a little more secure knowing that the Dodgers were hitting.  There are those days when they just don’t have it offensively.
  Yasiel singled in the 5th inning, scoring Scotty.  I was so tired of hearing all that Puig bashing.  Now that he is hitting, those fair weather fans are loving him again.
The score was then 4-1.

  Yaz singled in the 5th as well scoring Yasiel. 5-1.  I was getting that winning feeling.  Sheesh.  Am I catching everyone with their fingers in their noses including the umpires.  When I say candid shots, I guess I mean candid shots.  
In the 6th inning that super human Mike Trout singled scoring the other super human on the Angels Kole Calhoun.  5-2.  

  In the 9th inning the super fish finally did hit that home run we were all anticipating but against Kenley.  Kenley has allowed a few homeruns but none of those homeruns cost us  a game.  The score inched a little closer 5-3.  The Angels never did get an offensive storm started.  Thank goodness.  It was mainly a Mike Trout-Kole Calhoun show which I think most of the Angels games are.  If you take the Trout-Calhoun combo out, what do you have?
  There was a little discussion with Rick Honeycutt the pitching coach and Yaz after the homerun.  Geeez coach, it is Mike Trout!!!
  But ultimately the Dodgers were victorious.  That’s Austin Barnes to the far left.  Actually far left is Jon SooHoo, the photographer.  Then there is Lopes, McCarthy, Anderson, Joc.  I think that is AJ congratulating Adrian to the right.
  Another victory picture of the guys.  These are my favorite pictures to take.  Aha there’s my jacket…I have yet to wear it.  It’s been too hot.
The rest of the games with the Angels this weekend are day games.  Ugh.  You’ll have to listen to me complaining endlessly about the heat.  It’s expected to be in the 80’s and 90’s with 89% humidity.  That does not make for a fun game.  Clayton Kershaw will be pitching Saturday so the game should be quick  providing that he pitches far into the game.  The opposing pitcher will be Heaney who was a Dodger for half a minute. His record is 5-0 with a 1.79.  After I saw that, I wondered why he wasn’t kept when we needed another pitcher so desperately before the trading began.   They gave Kershaw an extra day of rest.  This may be good but sometimes it isn’t good to throw the pitchers off their routine.  Kershaw is one player who definitely has a routine.  Having been scratched twice, he is definitely off his routine.  Not sure who will pitch Sunday but possibly it will be Brett Anderson or even Matt Latos.  Alex Wood will have his Dodger  debut on the road.

I have to admit I really miss Mike Bolsinger.  I understand that baseball is a business and it was inevitable that he would go back down to Triple A after the trades, but it didn’t make it any easier.  All my friends have assured me that he will probably be back up before the end of the season.  He knew that his days were numbered and he as always was taking it well.  I remember the tattoo on his arm….Live For the Moment.   I’m with you, my friend.  You made my moments with you very special.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be posting after the game today so be prepared for some whining and crying about how hot and miserable I was.   GO DODGERS!!!


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