When You Thought All Was Lost

  It was a strange night to be sure.  It was Yasiel Puig bobblehead night.  Clayton Kershaw was supposed to be the starting pitcher but he had a sore hip.  Or maybe he wanted to have an edge for the much anticipated ping pong tournament Thursday night.  There always is some sort of healthy competition between Zack and Clayton.  Mike Bolsinger took over as starting pitcher with a nights notice.   They did not announce the change until very close to the game which left me wondering whether to wear my Kershaw shirt or my Bolsinger shirt.  Everyone was wondering whether the Dodger management would finally acquire a much needed starting pitcher.  There were rumors, info leaked too early.  The trade deadline is Friday.  The moon seemed to be full which made for a strange feeling.
  The first player I saw was Kike Hernandez which is significant. You will see later in this blog why.
  Lisa, one of my good friends, was making sure all the fans were where they were supposed to be.  Nothing gets by her.  Uh hi Lisa.
  Austin Barnes scooted by.  It’s ok with Lisa.  He was on the field.
  I decided to go into the club and eat since nothing seemed to be going on.  The fare was grilled squash melange, herbed crusted tilapia, teriyaki glaze pork loin.
  The salad was a repeat of Tuesday, delicious again.
  I came back to the field and saw that Ned Coletti was being interviewed.  My first thought was that he should never have been replaced.  He would already have found a starting pitcher and probably would have gotten him for almost nothing.  I have great respect for him.
  I was eagerly waiting for a glimpse of Mike Bolsinger.  I knew he would be coming when I saw Yasmani walking across the field with his equipment and his pink drink.
  Sure enough Mike appeared but was closely followed by  camera guy so he was distracted and didn’t see me.
  Yaz and Mike stretching
  more stretching
  Yaz has a little ritual.
  Then Mike threw a few warm up pitches, maybe they were pretend pitches.  I don’t see anyone catching.
   He’s amazing to watch.  I’ll have to ask him if his arm is sore after throwing 90+ pitches.
  Someone was signing autographs.  Zach Lee.  He still hasn’t been sent back down.  Someone had to identify him for me.  I had no idea what he looked like.
  and then Puig arrived amid a lot of cheers…haha the fans are so freaking fickle
  He stretched a little but of course seemed a little distracted. His mama was on the field.
  Joc having a conversation with the enemy
  Yasiel’s mom threw out the first pitch.  What a wonderful lady she is.
  Mike and Yaz
  And then the moment that Mike and I saw each other.  He waved and smiled.  Now my day is complete.
  First pitch.  My heart was pounding.
  It was a good game for Mike.  He was taken out in the fifth because of high pitch count but when he left, the Dodgers were ahead.  Yaaay Mike.

It started in the bottom of the first inning.  Andre singled Howie in.  1-0.
I always wonder what these guys chit chat about and why are they smiling?

The A’s caught up in the top of the 4th. 1-1.

  and with Andre on base, Yasiel did what we all wanted him to do on his bobblehead night.
  Go Puig!
  He blasted a two run homerun. 3-1.  We were all ecstatic.  All I could think of was the negativity of all those Puig haters.  So now they will love him for half a minute.
The A’s scored again in the 5th making the game closer,  3-2.

They took Mike out solely because of his pitch count.  He did a great job.  JP came to the mound.

The A’s were able to score 2 on a single by Brett Lawrie making the score 3-4.  I was devastated.  For someone to score against JP is unusual. 

In the top of the 7th inning, the A’s scored again with another 2 run single making the score 3-6.  The Dodgers have not been good at coming from behind.  I thought there might be a chance since they have been hitting well in this game.  But 3 runs???

In the bottom of the 7th Adrian doubled bringing Scott Van Slyke in. 4-6.  The game was becoming interesting again.

  Yaz hit a crazy long bunt down the third base side which rolled to a stop fair scoring Howie. 5-6.
The Dodgers were creeping along.  No long ball.  

  The A’s were perplexed.  How could that ball roll fair??
  Then Kike was up to pinch hit. Kike has been great in a clutch.  It must be the bananas.  Someone should have told the A’s not to wear so much yellow because you can tell Kike was fired up.
  He doubled scoring Adrian and Yaz.
  The score was 7-6.  Kike came through again!
  There were high fives all around.
 Yasiel singled Kike in but was out on second after it was challenged by the A’s. 8-6.  The Dodgers rarely win in any challenge.

 Jimmy and Callaspo scored on a Howie Kendrick single making the score 10-6 going into the 9th inning.
  Kenley came out to finish the job.  Many fans already had gone home because the game was long.  Kenley allowed a solo homerun making the final score 10-7.
  I didn’t see Mike in the celebration at the end of the game.  He was responsible for keeping the Dodgers in the game through the fifth inning.  He was probably chilling or maybe sleeping.
It was a game that left everyone feeling happy.  The Dodgers are still in first place by 1/2 game.  They get a day off, some going to the ping pong tournament for charity, a Kershaw pet project.  I’m not going because I have to work and the cost was a little high…$1000 if you just want to watch.  It is for charity.  

Kershaw will pitch on Friday.  Hopefully his hip will be better.  Hopefully he wins the ping pong tournament since he will be in a better mood. The Angels will be in town.  I dread the weekend series because Saturday and Sunday will be day games.  I hate day games.  There is a heat wave so I expect 80’s and 90’s.  It’s oppressive when you are in the direct heat.

By Friday we will see if the trades have gone through.  It was assumed that the Dodgers would get Matt Latos but the whole thing fell through pending medical.  Meanwhile Hamels went to the Rangers last night. There are unsubstantiated rumors about Wood, Urias, Price.  Anything goes.  But after the homerun by Puig last night, I haven’t heard anyone demanding that he be traded.  “Fans” are just so fickle.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope the Dodgers get some rest.  See everyone soon.  


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