Day One 

  It was nice being back at Dodger Stadium.  It’s been about 16 days since the last game.  I was going through serious Dodger withdrawal.
  I was less than happy about the line to get in for early batting practice.  It wasn’t even a giveaway day.  I’m dreading Wednesday’s game which is Yasiel Puig bobblehead day.  Bobblehead giveaway days bring the worst fans.  The sold out games are terrible.  Tuesday’s game attendance was over 50,000+ which is not a sellout but makes for a crowded stadium.
  My Dodgers were out there.  It was batting practice as usual.  There’s Mike Bolsinger on the right.  I was happy to see him.  
  Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig waiting to take a few swings.  For some reason, I really love this picture.
  I have known Andre Ethier so long I recognize him by his stance, his swing, his walk.
  For some reason Kike always looks a little goofy.  He’s my good friend Veronica’s favorite player.  He actually gave her a hug.  It was definitely her day…she was on the jumbotron.  You go girl!!!
  Possibly the best pitcher in baseball Zack Greinke, Golden Glove and Cy Young award recipient.  Have to check out the fingernails but please don’t bite your nails.  That would be DL for sure.  He’s standing with Scott Van Slyke who was sidelined with a whiplash.  Those New York cabs!!!! Yikes!  I guess what they say is true about them.
  I really love Zack.  He’s the best all around athlete in the Dodger organization.  He can field and hit besides pitch.  I’m hoping he doesn’t opt out of his contract.

He  took a few pretend pitches which was fun to watch.   I wonder if he is getting any sleep with that new baby, Bode Nicholas.  I wonder if Wilsy minds.  FYI Wilsy is their much loved kitty.

  I guess Yaz likes the short hair
  Brett travels heavily on the way to the bullpen to practice.  He always carries an extra pair of shoes.
  He took a few practice pitches
He was a pleasant surprise.  He pitched well after an achilles injury.  The problem with Tuesday’s game was fantastic pitching by Sonny Gray, the A’s 24 year old pitcher.

I’m surprised that Dodger fans were in such an uproar about the hitting against Sonny Gray.  Actually the hitting was nonexistent.  The only way Dodgers got on base was through walks.  It doesn’t work when the Dodgers seem to be into the long ball rather than the small ball.  There is a reason that Gray’s record is 11-4.  He is phenomenal.  So I had to hear again how Donnie has to be fired.  That Mark the hitting coach should be fired.  Sheeeesh.  Can we just be happy that Anderson seems to be healthy?  The Dodgers have been slammed with the best pitchers the last few games.  These pitchers didn’t make any mistakes.


One thing I missed during the All Star Break was the food.  Tuesday’s fare of oregano and cumin spiced pork loin, kabocha squash and kidney bean casserole, arroz con Salchicha “rice and sausage” was fantastic.  I was starving for Dodger food!!  I pretty much live on ramen when I’m not at the stadium.

  The salad was outstanding..perfect for a summer day.  One of the salads was the baby gala apple arugula salad which is one of my favorites.  It was made up of rocket arugula, dried currant, cranberries, toasted pine nuts and minty yogurt dressing. The kale salad is made up of daikon, jicama, green onions, mandarin oranges and sesame ginger dressing.  Absolutely wonderful.  The iceberg chopped salad was a concoction of tomatoes, shallots, blue cheese crumbles and buttermilk dressing.  This salad was also the in-seat special.  It’s no wonder that Dodger Stadium has been named #1 vegetarian stadium by PETA.

  When I came back out to the field, Yasiel was warming up.  I heard that Zack Greinke doesn’t like him.  Is that unusual that two people who work in the same place don’t get along?  Everyone should understand that the Dodger organization is a business.  It seems moreso with the new ownership.  Yasiel and Zack come from different places, have different life styles.  They are not best friends.  So what.  I like both of them.  They definitely have different personalities.


Yasiel has been in the middle of trade rumors.  Everyone seems to deny that he is.  All I know is that some of the trades have come back to haunt us, notably Juan Uribe.  I get a sharp pang in my heart everytime I see him in another uniform.  Tell me again why he was traded.  I see Dee Gordon who is young, vital and wonderful.  I also see very few Dodger stolen bases this year.  Why again did he get traded?  For Howie, who probably will be gone next season?  Yasiel has had many clutch defensive plays even while in his offensive slump.  Do those count?  

  I really can’t stand those “fans” who continue to criticize Joc.  Did everyone forget he was an All Star in his rookie year and also came in second in the Homerun Derby?  He also is 23 years old.  There probably is not a better centerfielder.  There is not a more humble Dodger.

  It was Clipper night so Paul Pierce threw out the first pitch.

  Anderson made his way across the field by himself back to the dugout.  He always seems to have an armful of stuff.  He also seems to be in his own little world.

  Jimmy and Yasiel seem to have a lot to talk about.

  Anderson made the first pitch and that was about the end of the highlights for the Dodgers.

Sonny Gray threw a shutout.  Anderson only allowed 2 runs.  No run support.  The end.

  I did enjoy my ice cream.  It was good to be back at Dodger Stadium with my friends.  We were all missing each other.  

The trade deadline is nearing.  Rumor has it that the Phillies have marked Wednesday as the final day that they will look at offers for Cole Hamels.  The Dodgers have needed another starting pitcher.  This has been apparent since Ryu went on DL for the rest of the season.  They have experimented with several pitchers brought up from the minor league.  The only pitcher who has proven himself is Mike Bolsinger who has the most spin on his curve ball than any other pitcher. Through illness and injury, he has pitched his heart out. The battery of duo-aces Kershaw and Greinke, Mike Bolsinger and Brett Anderson lacks one more pitcher.  Rumor also is that our prospects are highly desired: Urias, Seagar, Lee.  The asking price is high.  I have yet to see that the new management can do better than Ned Coletti.  I always respected him. I see him quite frequently and always say hi to him.  He is a super nice guy.  But he never really got credit for his accomplishments.  So far I have been not so impressed with what the new management has done.  Time will tell.  My friends keep telling me that it’s a business.  I’m beginning to believe them.  I can’t get too attached to any player because in a heartbeat, he is gone: Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon, Juan Uribe…the list goes on.

Thanks for stopping by.  Wednesday’s game will star Clayton Kershaw who is still the best pitcher in baseball.  I love my Dodgers no matter what.  I am sad when they lose.  I am exhilarated when they win.  But I am true blue.  


Latest news: possibly the Dodgers are getting Matt Latos with a .448 ERA instead of Cole Hamels.  Really????  Maybe they’ll throw Dee Gordon in the deal.

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