Coming Home

I miss my Dodgers.  They are back home again.  Tuesday will be the first home  game in 16 days.

A few thoughts.

Someone tell me again why the Dodgers traded Juan Uribe?  He just keeps on reminding us why we liked him so much as a Dodger.

Why do we keep experimenting with pitchers:  starting and relief?  When is the management going to use the big bucks for a real pitcher?  The Dodgers have duo aces Kershaw and Greinke.  Bolsinger has shown a lot of talent and gumption.  But is the management just watching as all the  available pitchers are scooped up by other teams. Rumor is that Cole Hamels will be a Dodger. The Rangers also are interested.  The trade deadline is Friday.  Brett Anderson is scheduled to pitch on Tuesday.  The rest of the week is TBD.  Is Zach Lee going to be given some more big league experience at the cost of first place.  The Dodgers began the second half of the season 4 games out ahead of the Giants.  Now it is down to only one.  

The management needs to think long and hard if they are planning on trading Yasiel.  I still can’t figure out why they traded Dee Gordon who has had an all star year so far in exchange for Howie Kendrick who will probably not be a Dodger next year.  I really dislike those trades that are more like a rental just for 1l2 a year at what cost? So far none of the trades have netted a chance at the World Series.  Yasiel is young.  There is a lot of gossip about him because of the book that pretty much downs him as someone no one likes.  Trading Uribear was a mistake because of what he was in the clubhouse as well as what he was as a player.  He seemed to take Puig under his wing.  Who is the club leader now? I don.t see anyone taking Uribears place. 

Whenever the Dodgers trade a player, he seems to blossom.  Good examples are Russell Martin and Dee Gordon.  Fear Yasiel if they choose to be foolish and trade him.
This homestand the Dodgers play the Oakland A’s and the Angels.  They are tough teams to beat.  I hope that the Dodgers don’t end up out of first and struggling to regain footing for the rest of the season.  I always fear the Giants for the team they are.  I have great respect for them as I told Angel Pagan.  They come out of nowhere and win the World Series.

Zack’s scoreless inning streak is over. Zack’s opinion: maybe now they will quit asking him about it…typical Greinke-ism.

I am looking forward to the rest of the season.  I dream of the playoffs.  

Something not related to baseball.  Prayers to the family of Bobbi Kristina Brown.  May she finally rest in peace.  Maybe now the press will leave her alone.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be writing more on my blog since I will be taking more pictures and will be at the games.  GO DODGERS!!!

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