A New Baby Dodger

  Congratulations to Zack and Emily Greinke on the birth of their new baby boy, Bode Nicholas, born Thursday.  The baby looks like a mini Zack.  With a name like Bode Greinke, is he destined to play baseball like his talented Dad?
It seems that the Dodgers will continue to play against Juan Uribe, again this weekend now that he is a member of the Mets. It’s a trade that keeps on reminding the Dodgers how good a player he is.

Ian Thomas took the mound on Friday taking the place of new dad, Greinke.  He did well although the team was made up of what I call spare parts, Van Slyke, Hernandez, Barnes, none who normally start.  Justin Turner had a great game against his former team who pretty much had given up on him.  Oh well!  Puig also had a great game.  The final score was 7-2.

Mike Bolsinger was able to pitch 7 strong innings on Wednesday, the final score 3-1, not using up the bullpen. Kershaw was Kershaw on Thursday looking like an MVP, the final score being 3-0.  I expect him to pitch a perfect game again this season at the rate he is going.

Brett Anderson will pitch on Tuesday when the Dodgers return.  Today’s pitcher is still a mystery.  Greinke will pitch on Sunday.

The Dodgers have maintained at least a 3 game lead on the Giants, the only real competition in the National League West.  The Padres have pretty much tanked, 10.5 games behind.

After this weekend series with the Mets, the Dodgers will make it home again to play Oakland on Tuesday.  They will have been away for 16 days.  I really miss them.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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