Still Away But Not Forgotten

The Dodgers are still on the road.  I’m really missing them.  

One of these days it will be cold enough for me to wear my new jacket.  It’s been raining but also humid and hot so it’s still waiting to be worn.  

Zack and Clayton were named NL players of the week.

  They should be players of the week every week actually.
  Austin Barnes was called back up because AJ went on DL.
Yasmani had taken a foul ball off of his face mask, giving his jaw a good jolt.  He has not gone on DL but didn’t play in Monday’s game.  He was hit so hard, he was having problems talking.


Brandon Beachy had another chance to start against the Braves.  The Beachy experiment may be over.  He allowed 4 runs, 5 hits before he was taken out.  It was only his second start since having 2 Tommy John surgeries.  Maybe he needs to practice more in the minors.  The question is whether the management will trade for more pitchers, or will they continue to use what they already have.  Luckily the Padres had their way with the Giants giving them their first loss after a 5 game winning streak.  Thank you Padres.

 The Padres and Matt Kemp seem to giving the Giants a hard time.


I couldn’t resist posting my last picture with Matt Kemp.  
    Of course Uribear will constantly remind us of why we loved him so much.  I stll can’t figure out why he was traded except to dump salary.  No one can play better defense at 3rd base.  I miss him so much.  I’m sure that the Dodger clubhouse still misses him.

The Braves beat the Dodgers 5-7 on Monday.

It’s so frustrating!!!

Today Brett Anderson will take the mound against the Braves. I wonder if he’s checking the weather forecast since his games are often during inclement weather on the road.

I’m hoping that the Dodgers fare better against the Braves today.

Sorry about the recycled pictures.  I try to use only my pictures in my blog.  I rarely use any other pictures except Jon SooHoo’s and always give credit to him when I do use one. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I miss everyone desperately.  GO DODGERS!!!

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