Losing Respect

Zack Greinke continues his streak of scoreless innings. Sunday’s game was another victory for Zack. Remarks made by Bryce Harper surprised me. It made me lose a little respect after hearing his unsportsmanlike comment. So he thinks the umpires played favorites with the strike zone?? I’d like to know when the Dodgers ever get the benefit of the doubt with the umpires? Harper later amended his statement saying that Zack was a great pitcher. Well duh! He probably got the advice of everyone that his comments sounded like sour grapes and was a little immature.

And how impressed is Zack with himself? Anyone who knows him knows that he is honest to a tee. What does he think about the streak? “Nothing.” He doesn’t think about streaks. If that’s what he says, I believe it.

It is raining in Southern California. The Angels were actually rained out Sunday. That’s crazy. They play a double header Monday. Rain came complete with thunder and lightning.

Thanks for stopping by. The Dodgers are in Atlanta. GO DODGERS!!!


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  2. John Lawless

    It doesn’t surprise me that Harper made those comments. I’m sure he will grow up sometime but he is certainly not helping his case of being known as a hothead throughout the league.

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