DC and Power Delays

Friday’s game seemed to be one fiasco after another. One power delay should be enough but there were two which cancelled the game until the next day.

Mike Bolsinger was the starting pitcher Friday. He had some problems throwing the ball to Adrian at first causing an error and then in another play, falling and injuring his left knee. When he left the game, the Dodgers were ahead by one run.  2-1. The ball was turned over to Tsao who allowed a home run.  The score going into the power delay game the next day was 2-3, the Dodgers behind by one run. The bullpen finished out the game Saturday allowing another 2 run homerun making the final score 3-5. Sadly the  Dodgers lost.

I had hopes for the game following. After all our ace Kershaw was pitching.

The Dodgers were well represented at National Stadium by my son.

He lives in Springfield VA close to Washington DC but remains a Dodger fan. It looks like he is exposing a couple of little people to the game early.

They all had a little Dodger blue on.

  It doesn’t hurt to ploy them with a hot dog…probably not as good as a Dodger Dog.
  They seemed to enjoy Clayton’s pitching.
Ugh. Too much cotton candy!

It looks like good attendance. Why not? Two super teams. Kershaw. Joc. Bryce Harper!

The Dodgers won with a scary moment when Kenley allowed a 2 run homerun in the 9th. The final score was 4-2. Yaaaay!

Sunday Zack Greinke will take the mound.

  I’m hoping for another win.


This is pretty much how I look when I get home from a game.


Or maybe like this.
It is pouring here in Long Beach. Very weird considering it is summer. This is sunny California after all. I may finally put Mike’s jacket to use and WEAR IT! 

Thanks for stopping by!!  Eleven more days until they come back home!! Go Dodgers!!

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