Missing Baseball

  I cast a pretty sad figure lately.  Yes, I take my jacket everywhere with me just to keep me company when there is no baseball.  It’s my security blanket.
The All Star Game is over.  The National League lost yet again so no home field advantage for the World Series.  Joc came in second in the Home Run Derby and did the Dodgers proud.

The Dodgers return to play on Friday when they face the Nationals in the nation’s capital with my favorite Mike Bolsinger starting,  giving Clayton Kershaw an extra day of rest.  The rotation will be Kershaw, Bolsinger, Greinke, and probably Anderson.  The fifth spot is up for grabs as usual.  It’s been an experiment since early in the season.  Frias is still on DL.

The trade deadline is at the end of the month.  I’m always on pins and needles during this time, worrying about who will be traded.  There is a definite need for another starting pitcher.  The name that is brought up most often is Cole Hamels, sometimes Johnny Cueto.   The problem with that trade is that the Dodgers would have to give up possibly a top prospect or a productive player. At the top of the trading block is Alex Guerrero.  He seems to do the best when he is a pinch hitter, often hitting home runs.  It hurts my heart that one of my favorites, Yasiel Puig, is mentioned as well.  He had been out on DL and came back on the active roster not hitting well, striking out a large percentage of the time.  He is no longer the golden child.  I doubt that the Dodgers would trade Yasiel since he is young and a huge talent.  But it’s difficult to figure out what the current owners are going to do.  I always am afraid that one of my favorites, Andre Ethier will be traded.  His name has been coming up for the last couple of years.  He has been starting and has been doing well taking Carl Crawford’s place in left field.

There won’t be any home games until July 28 which seems a long way off.  The Dodgers record away has not been a good one.  This weekend’s games with the Nationals may be a preview of what is to come in the playoffs.  The Dodgers have remained at the top of the National League West but mainly because the Giants seem to go through slumps.  They seem to powerhouse through when it’s important, or as Angel Pagan says, they somehow are able to do it.

  It’s only been 5 days since the last game, but I’m really missing Dodger Stadium.
  I’m missing my guys.
  I’m really missing the food.
  my friends
  I’m missing my favorite….Mike
  Not missing the bobblehead lines
It is  good time for me to get things done.  During baseball season, everyone knows that I am so deeply entrenched in Dodger baseball, that everything else has to take a backseat.  When I think about it I wonder how I survive the 6 months without baseball.  

Everyone tells me that my pictures are getting better.  I always use my own pictures on my blog.  Once in a great while I will borrow one of my friend Jon SooHoo’s photos but I will give him credit.  I think I have used maybe 2 of his pictures since the beginning of the season.  I have taken over 5000 pictures so far this season and try to pick out the best.  If anyone would like pictures of certain players, let me know.  I know everyone loves to see pictures of Joc.  I’m trying to capture the players and their swings.  It is a challenge trying to get pictures with all the obstacles that seem to get in my way.  Everyone who comes to the game with those Hello Kitty ears or Micky Mouse ears sits in my way.  Also everyone who has a poufy hairdo, Mohawk or shiny head will be in my direct line of vision.  Little kids who insist on standing on the chairs seem to jump up as I snap a picture.  

   I’ve been able to capture some big homerun hits like this one by Yaz
  I also try to capture first pitch every game
  I like checking out what’s going on in the Dodger dugout
  Sometimes the expressions on the players’ faces tell it all

 No one is safe

  I always take pictures after the game when the Dodgers win
  Those are my favorite pictures.
  I like taking pictures of the players signing for those fans who complain to me that they never sign
   I’m not really into autographs.  I’ve given several Kershaw autographs away to strangers
 I really love pictures with the players especially Andre

  I love getting pics of the players not wearing their hats or uniforms
   Sometimes I go to the dark side
  I love taking pictures of food as much as I like eating (almost)!
Thanks for stopping by…I’m hoping for good games on the road.  Go Mike.  GO DODGERS!!  Hope you aren’t missing baseball as much as I am.  It’s pure torture!!!

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