The First Half

It’s only been 3 days since the last game.  I’m already missing the Dodgers, Dodger Stadium, my friends.

The Dodgers ended the first half first place in the National League West thanks to the hard work and dedication of our players.  Their win-loss record: 51-39.  Only the Cardinals have more wins in the National League and Kansas City in the American League.  And this is with all the criticism from “fans” about their poor offense.  The Dodgers have the best fielding percentage.  No one wants to lose so those who think that the Dodgers aren’t doing the best they can, are delusional.

  Zack Greinke, the Dodgers co-ace, with an ERA of 1.39, will start the All Star Game.  
He’s been fun to watch.  Here I am with Zack in a very hard-to-get photo.  Amazingly he actually is smiling.

  It’s almost a sure thing that he will be the winning pitcher when he starts any game.
  Clayton Kershaw also will take part in the All Star Game.  He still is one of the best pitchers in baseball ever.
Yasmani Grandal started the season with many doubting the trade that brought him to the Dodgers from the Padres, giving Matt Kemp up in the process.  He has become a fan favorite, also taking part in the All Star Game.

  He has brought much to the team offensively and defensively.
  This is one of my favorite pictures taken this season by my friend Veronica during the annual Photo Day
  What can I say about our rookie Joc who has proven himself over and over during the season as amazing in offense and defense.
  I’ll always remember the Joc Pederson jersey I had made because he didn’t have a ready made one until a couple of weeks ago.  So wrong.  He happily signed mine because I was one of the only ones in the stadium with one.  He almost won the Homerun Derby, coming in second.
My friend Yoshiko had purchased one of the first Joc Pederson All Star jerseys sold at Dodger Stadium.  Yasiel saw it and had to show it to Joc.  You could see their excitement.  Yasiel had Joc sign it for her.  

  Yasiel Puig remains one of my favorite players.  I hear negative remarks about him all the time.  These remarks are made by people who really don’t know him.  He never fails to say hi to me.  He signs autographs almost every game he plays, something that is unusual for any baseball player. Dodgers expect a lot from him.  The fans expect even more. 
  He always is happy to take a picture with me
  Andre Ethier is hard on himself.  
  One day he will take a normal picture with me.  Maybe not.
  Adrian Gonzalez quietly hits homeruns.  He also will be playing in the All Star Game.
    One of the coaches for the All Star team will be our own Donnie.  I hear criticism all season about Donnie but somehow we are number one coming into the second half by 4 1/2 games.
  Justin Turner has been hard working, not often being acknowledged, but ended the first half with a .308 average.
  Kike Hernandez has kept the mood high spirited and lively with his rally banana.
  My friends have had wonderful experiences including little Adriana, a true Dodger fan since an infant.  Brett Anderson gave her a ball before a game.  
  These are the little things that the Dodgers do to make the entire experience the best in baseball.


I try to keep up on my blog.  My big motivation is my good friend Crystal who is deployed to Bahrain .  This is a piece of home for her to keep her from getting too homesick.  Love you Crystal!!
I’ve made many friends at Dodger Stadium.  We are a little family and have our love of the Dodgers in common.

Every season gets better and better for me.  I’m very lucky being a season ticket holder and having a profession that makes my work schedule more flexible.  I haven’t missed a game in 6 years.  I also am lucky to have the best Dodger rep ever: Tess Gilmore, both beautiful and hardworking.

She keeps me informed about all the Dodger events.

  One of the most exciting events was the luncheon for season ticket holders featuring Orel Hersheiser, Justin Turner and Scott Van Slyke.
It’s always interesting to see the Dodgers not wearing their uniforms.

The food at the luncheon was delicious.  I think everyone has guessed that I rarely have a Dodger dog at the stadium.

I love all my Dodgers but I usually have one player that catches my eye and my heart.

I’m looking forward to the second half of the season.  The first half has been phemonenal.  How could it be better?

Thanks for stopping by.  I failed to post after a couple of games the last week including the Japan Day-Hello Kitty game so I’ll download pics and post in the the coming days. 

Today is the All Star Game.  Today I return to work.  I officially begin my other life again.  See everyone soon!!  

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