Getting Almost Blanked Again

  This pretty much tells the story for the Saturday game against Milwaukee.  It was another bobblehead day, this time honoring long gone Juan Uribe.  It brought up a sore spot for many of us Uribear fans.  The line to get in even for early batting practice is enough to make me stressed.  I don’t like bobblehead days.
  Once I got into the stadium, I felt a little better.  My guys were out on the field.  Howie, Alex, Jimmy, and someone hiding behind Alex
  Kike always looks comical for some reason.  I heard that Clayton is a little tired of his banana antics.
  But it keeps everyone from getting too serious.
  Liberatore and JP along with bullpen and pitching coaches
  Zack and AJ
  A view of the batting cage with Lorenzo Bundy, Ron Cey and Mark Mcgwire
  Brett, Chris and Clayton
  And my favorite Mike Bolsinger
Someone asked me why he is my favorite.  My answer: because he is always nice to everyone.  He’s become a staple of the starting lineup of pitchers including Clayton, Zack and Brett.  He always is amenable to signing for often annoying autograph seekers.  I always think of early batting practice as just that….batting practice.  It’s not autograph session.  I use the time to take pictures and just watch.  All I hear during this time is “Could I have the ball?” or “Will you sign this?”  It’s constant.  The players seem to move further and further away.  Geez….I wonder why.

  He came over to say hi and got innundated with requests for autographs.
  So he signed, and signed and signed and moved further away.  There would be no end to signing if the “fans” had their way.  I know that many of these people sell the autographs on Ebay.
He had a nice surprise for me at the dugout.

  His workout jacket.  I was in tears, I was so happy.  My favorite player!!!  All the Dodgers were already in the dugout at that point so there was no one there.  The fans had gone to find other prey.  I was alone, talking to one of the ushers when Mike surprised me.  I am truly touched.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t ask for autographs or anything else.  I like pictures, especially with the players to keep as memories.  The guys never mind taking pictures with fans.  
  I went up to the third base Ketel One Baseline Club to eat.  My two favorite chefs were there to greet me:  Armando and Bud.  They were serving up a delicious tri tip.
  And sweet and sour chicken, pasta with artichoke hearts, squash medley
  The usual array of delicious salads.  The bases loaded macaroni salad on the left is amazing.
  My friend Yoshiko  was already in the club eating with her husband.  Don’t you love his shirt??  She told me she came to America the same year as Nomo did.

  I went back out to the field and was happy to see one of my very favorite people, Ryan, already out there with his blank balls waiting for an autograph.
  Yoshiko consented to having a picture taken.  Thank you!!
  I almost missed Yaz making his way across the field with his gear and pink drink.
  Ryan told me that Beachy was on his way across the field too.  I was still in a daze from my awesome present from Mike.  I was able to catch Beachy’s back.  Brandon Beachy was making his first start after recovering from two Tommy John surgeries.  The last time he pitched was in 2013.  We had our fingers crossed.  The Dodgers are hoping to figure out the back end of the pitching rotation.
  Beachy took a run across the field
  Stretched a little
  Yasmani striking a pose.
  or two
  and hurling the ball like a pitcher would
  and Beachy took a few practice throws
  Puig came out to stretch and run
  Justin and Yasiel
  Beachy and Yaz walking from bullpen to dugout.  The excitement is building up.
  Yasiel always has time to sign for the fans.  He always has a wink or smile for me.
  And the Dodgers ran out to the field to begin the game.
  First pitch for Beachy
The game was not a good offensive game for the Dodgers against Milwaukee rookie pitcher Taylor Jungmann.  The Brewers started their rout against the Dodgers in the third inning scoring 3 on a Carlos Gomez double.  0-3.

Gerardo Parra homered with Liberatore pitching in the top of the seventh making the score 0-4.   Gomez again doubled scoring 2 more runs. 0-6.  

In the top of the 8th, Parra doubled scoring Scooter Gennett making the score 0-7.  By that time, I wondered where the Dodger hitters were.

Finally in the bottom of the 8th, Kike hit a sacrific fly scoring Yaz.  1-7.

  The good points of the game:  the ice cream in the 7th inning was good.
  The in seat baseline special was the bases loaded macaroni salad which I devoured two orders.  
  Tsao pitched well in relief.
The Dodgers are still in first place and will be at the All Star Break.  

Usually after a losing game, I would be a little bummed out but I was still happy about the jacket.  It definitely made me feel special.

Thanks for stopping by.  Sunday’s game will be the last game before the All Star Break.  Brett Anderson will be our starting pitcher.  It is a day game.  The predicted temperature is 82 degrees.  I hate day games.  I hate the heat.  I know Mike wants me to wear the jacket but I think I have to pass today.  It’s freshly washed.  I wish he would have worn it.   My sister Jojo who is practical asked me if it was smelly.  So typical since she is a first grade teacher.   I plan on posting during the All Star break.  The Dodgers won’t be back until July 28 which seems a century away. 


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