Just Another Day

There are many games during the season that are just ho-hum.  Sunday’s game was one of those games.  It was a Sunday day game which is one of my least favorite because no matter what the temperature is, it is hot in the direct heat.  It was in the 80’s and humid.  It started out a little overcast which made me hopeful.

 The only reprieve was that it was Photo Day.  It was advertised that some of the players would parade around so we could take pictures but no personal photos with the players was allowed.  There were no autographs allowed either which is always the case.  The players started to go around and of course, they took pictures with the fans.
It wasn’t as crowded this year.   The way they had advertised that there were no personal photos allowed, I think many decided to go to Viva Los Dodgers which they have every Sunday, instead.

It is the luck of the draw which player would come to where you were standing.  The best bet is to pick a spot and just stay there.  The last year they had Photo Day a couple of years ago, I was alone and ran from place to place.  That didn’t work well mainly because it was too crowded.  I think one year I only got three pictures but they were the three that mattered.

I was meeting my good friends Veronica and Christian there.  It is a tradition that we meet at Photo Day.  Christian was gracious enough to take my pictures for me except for the couple of selfies I attempted.

  I was happy to see Brandon McCarthy.  He is very tall and doesn’t lean over to make himself smaller.  
 Brett Anderson stopped to take a selfie with me.  The ushers told me later I was on the big screen taking this picture.  

  This is one of my favorite pictures taken on Photo Day


Kike Hernandez is Veronica’s favorite player.  He is a cutie.

  I think I’ll never get a normal picture with Andre

Carlos Frias

Lorenzo Bundy 3rd base coach

  This is a goofy selfie but it was my favorite of the day with none other than Zack Greinke.

It was a good Photo Day.

The food was good.

It went downhill from there.

  My favorite Mike Bolsinger was pitching.

  He was warming up.




Kike started.  He made some outstanding defensive plays.




  Yasiel and Justin warming up

  Kike and Yasiel



  Mike and AJ making their way to the dugout with Coach Honeycutt

  No smiles from Mike today

  Yasiel was the only one who signed



The Dodgers took the field


  First pitch





And then I think I lost interest in the game.  It was too hot and humid.  The Dodgers weren’t hitting well, or at all, as a matter of fact.  I was disappointed but not surprised that none of the Dodgers made the All Star team.  I was happy for Dee Gordon that he made it since he does deserve it.  I simply cannot understand the Dodgers reasoning behind trading him.  He’s young, eager, and talented.  And we have Howie?  Really?  Everyone knows my opinion about that.

I left early.  Sometimes I do leave early.  it’s a long homestand.  Ten days.  It’s only day 4 now.  I can tell early on whether the Dodgers are hitting or not.  Sundays game just dragged although it wasn’t a long game.  It was a frustrating game for Mike. Nothing went well. Adrian also left the game after getting hit in the right wrist by a pitch.  

I’m hoping that the Dodgers can bring themselves out of the offensive doldrums.  It seems that when they aren’t hitting, their defense suffers as well.  Luckily they are still in first place only because the Giants have also hit a skid.  Tim Hudson and Tim Lincecum both landed on DL.  It was announced that Carlos Frias is on DL for a strained back.  So today the Dodgers play the Phillies for the first of 4 games.  Interesting that the pitcher as of now is still to be determined.  It was rumored yesterday that Nicasio would start but he was used in Sunday’s game in relief.  The game ended 0-8.  The Dodgers bullpen has been pretty awful lately.  When the Dodgers are only down 4 runs, it’s possible to somehow pull it out, but when they are down 8, oh well.

The All Star break is just around the corner.  The Dodgers most likely will remain in first place.  Hopefully the management will sign a decent pitcher.  However, I’m in fear about who they will trade for.  They dumped Juan Uribe for Callaspo.  That’s an upgrade?  I’m sure every Dodger feels insecure except maybe Kershaw and Greinke.

The next few games will be played against losing teams.  The Mets also are a losing team.  So what happened?

Thanks for stopping by.  Hoping the homestand ends on a high note.  GO DODGERS!




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