Happy Birthday America

  It was nice being back at Dodger Stadium. Nothing ever changes. Unfortunately that was true with the team’s not giving Kershaw run support again.
  It must be frustrating for Clayton.
  He pitches well, yesterday allowing only one earned run.
  Zack Greinke has become the star of the show.
Everyone wants to blame Donnie for everything.

  Hey Hi Andre. With Crawford beginning rehab, it will be another juggling act.
Andre has been playing almost everyday and has played well.

  The Eagles were practicing for their big show on the 4th. Everyone watch your babies!
  They are magnificent birds.
  Clayton stretched and worked out as usual but I already had a feeling about what the outcome of the game would be.
  Justin was in a jovial mood
  He and Joc had a few chuckles
  He received honors as State Farm player of the month
  Clipper Blake Griffin was on hand to sign autographs. Now why would anyone have him sign a baseball? It would be like if everyone brought basketballs for the Dodgers to sign. 
Joc signed a few autographs.

  Is that Alex scowling? Of course he rarely smiles.
  Donnie and Yasiel also signed autographs. Yasiel is in a slump. It doesn’t help that a book is coming out about the Dodgers in the next few days that doesn’t put him in a very flattering light. 
  It doesn’t paint a very flattering picture of the Dodgers. I think I wouldn’t give this ESPN reporter another interview
  At least the food was good.  There was stuffed turkey breast and Tuscan beef.
  The salad is always delicious.
Clayton was hoping for a win but it wasn’t to be. He had another quality start. At least it wasn’t counted as a loss.

  I’m always excited at the first pitch.
There was only one run, a home run by Adrian.

  And that was it. True the Mets have an amazing pitching and bullpen crew. The Mets young pitcher Noah Syndergaard was spot on only allowing the one home run.
Today is the 4th of July. Zack Greinke is pitching. He has the best ERA in baseball (1.58, 6-2). Hoping we have something to celebrate.

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!

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