Slumping along

It is what it is. Although the Dodgers still are at the top of the heap  in the NL West, they are in a big time offensive slump.

I get an earful from everyone, especially those Dodger haters and even from Dodger fans. I tend to be a Pollyanna about the whole thing. Even diehard season ticket holders are complaining. I have been a Dodger lover long enough to know that every team has its ups and downs. 

  Tonight in Chicago Mike Bolsinger will pitch, hoping to help the Dodgers WIN A GAME!! Sunday’s game was a good example of what the Dodgers are capable of. 
Zack Greinke who always tells it the way it is thinks there is nothing to worry about. We do have a good team. 

  Carl Crawford will soon be back in the fold. Andre has been outstanding in left field. Time will tell who will be out there.
  Joc has centerfield locked up. There is no way that he will sit except for an occasional day off.
  And Puig is Puig. So he will stay in right field.
  And our Cy Young pitcher Clayton always gets conversation. When he shows his human side and loses a game, there is always talk. No one will argue that he isn’t the best pitcher in baseball even with the Madison Baumgarners of the world.
  And then there is Yasmani, our versatile young catcher who has a penchant for hitting the long ball and calling a great game.
  We still can have our sense of humor with wonderful Kikè Hernandez always fun loving.
 We have our traditions with legends such as Fernando at every game

  With Orel Hersheiser 
  The great Sandy Koufax
  Beautiful Dodger Stadium….a stadium that still looks like the original stadium of years ago with upgrades that don’t take away from its colorful past.
  Looking out on the magnificent field always takes my breath away
  There is nothing more symbolic of our baseball dreams as seeing our ace Clayton Kershaw before the game, alone deep in his thoughts
  So good luck Mike. Beat Chicago.
Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!

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