A Good Day After All

  It was the last game of this homestand. It was also the last game in a three game series between the Dodgers and the Giants. The Dodgers have  lost all the games this homestand except the balk off against Texas.

I am a little tired of the complaining I hear from the Dodger “fans.” Usually it has to do with Donnie and his decisions about the starting lineup,  relief pitching, etc.  The Dodgers were slumping this homestand but not so much as to lose first place. You would think we were in last place. I suppose I take all the criticism personally. The Dodgers are like my family. I will forever defend them to anyone.

I was hoping that Sunday would be the day they win especially in front of a national audience. I wanted everyone to stop criticizing my guys.

  It was batting practice as usual.
  Everyone seemed to be in good spirits.
It was Fathers Day so I was feeling a little sad since I lost my Dad a couple of years ago.  I always dread the holidays because of that.  Dodger Stadium is always fun on Fathers Day.  It’s a thrill to see the Dodgers’ families.

  The two little guys are Andre’s boys: Dreson and Rattan.  Standing with Dreson are AJ and his wife Cindy
  The 3 children in front are AJ’s 3 kids
  Scotty and his son, Puig with his little boy
  Another shot of Andre’s sons
  An adorable shot of Yasiel with his son
  Joc during batting practice
  JP and Matt West, a relief pitcher up from Triple A.  They have been doing quite a bit of juggling with the pitchers from Triple A.
  Scotty and Kike who always looks animated
  Buster Posey who is probably the Giant who gets booed the loudest by Dodger fans
  Donnie who stopped to say hi
  Our SP Brett Anderson
  Oops forgot something
  And back again
  Our amazing catcher Yas
  Fan favorite Andre who has pretty much locked up left field.  When Carl returns soon, he’ll have to earn his place back.
  Joc, who always comes out to applause of the fans.
  He wears his cap differently during stretching.  He is so silly
  Alex who rarely smiles
  He also must have forgotten something.
Brett was warming up

  He’s done well, playing deep into the game, sparing our bullpen
  Yas stretching
  Awww.  There’s Mike Bolsinger
  He’s deep in conversation and doesn’t see me
 Steve Yaeger, catching coach

  Aha Mike has seen me
  But all the fans have seen Mike too so he stopped to sign for them.  That’s a good place to park his glove
  He signed for everyone who asked him.  He’s always nice to everyone.
And then he gave me a big hug.  He knows who his #1 fan is….me!  He always makes my day.

  And proceeded to the dugout.
  Yasiel came out the last minute to sign some autographs and stretch.
  The fans love Puig.  His is the most sought after autograph.
  The thrill of the day was when Brett Anderson, the SP, gave my little friend Adrianna the ball in his hand
  She is a true diehard Dodger fan.  When she was a little toddler, she could sit and watch the entire game without moving. I think her first word must have been Dodger.  Hi Adrianna!!
  The whole family came to watch the game on Fathers Day.
  The catcher-pitcher battery of Yas and Brett worked well 
  Love you Yasiel
  And the Dodgers took the field
  Getting psyched up for the first pitch
  But is there gum on my shoe?
  And the first pitch
  Justin was able to score in the first inning with a wild pitch by Giants SP Tim Lincecum who was not on his game.
  Yasiel singled, scoring Yas and Jimmy in the bottom of the second inning making the score 3-0
  Joc has been outstanding offensively and defensively making a stupendous catch almost every game.
  He doubled scoring Yasiel in the second inning making the score 4-0
  Justin singled at the bottom of the second inning scoring Joc, 5-0.  By that time, Tim Lincecum was taken out of the game after the second inning.
 The Giants were frustrated

  Yas hit a solo homerun in the third inning with Petit pitching.  It just wasn’t the Giants day. 6-1.
  I ordered the baseline special which was the fully loaded pasta salad.  
  And the fully loaded nachos
I had to leave in the fourth inning because I had to go to work.  I had asked for a couple of hours off at the beginning of the shift so I could watch the game but I was denied.  I was told they could not justify it. I was really unhappy about it.  When I got to work, there were only 3 patients and 5 nurses.  I mean, really????? 

The fourth inning Adrian and Yasmani hit homeruns.  8-1.  I heard that on my car radio.  I was upset that I was missing this.

In the fifth inning, Justin hit a 2 run homerun. 10-1.  

The final score was 10-2.  It was the best game of the homestand for the Dodgers.  And it was the game that I had to leave early.  

Hopefully the Dodgers are finally out of their offensive slump.  They travel to Chicago next.  I keep hearing about inclement weather.  They don’t seem to play well in bad weather.  I have my fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry this entry was late.  I am still upset about missing most of the game.  I’ll eventually get over it but I’m still puzzled about why I was denied the two hours I wanted off. Oh well.  

The Dodgers won’t be back in LA for 10 days.  I’ll be missing them.  GO DODGERS!!  Stay safe everyone.

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